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Christ is risen!
In today's issue:
1. Upcoming Schedule
2. Update on church projects
3. Christian education opportunities
4. Wisdom from the saints
5. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd formation training
6. Podcast (plus a book) recommendation of the week
7. May birthdays
8. our Friends & Neighbors
9. LANS (Looking Ahead to Next Sunday) readings and reflection
10. May-July newsletter
  • Sunday, May 9 - Divine Liturgy at 9:30am
  • Tuesday, May 11 - Akathist Hymn to the Resurrection of Christ at 7pm - only live-streamed on facebook
  • Sunday, May 16 - Divine Liturgy & fellowship with Coffee Hour at 9:30am
The work on the A/C installation in the church and Ed Center are done. Let there be cool air!
This week, lighting was changed in the Ed Center.
We are now awaiting the beginning of the work on the boiler in the Ed Center.

We've been praying for God's blessing and guidance for these projects. So, please continue praying. If you would like a copy of the prayer we say in church, please let me know.

As was announced, the cost of the two projects is $36,000 for the church A/C and $37,000 for HVAC & electric work in the Ed Center. 

Please continue praying and, if you are able, or you know someone who is, consider making a financial contribution towards the accomplishment of these projects.

God bless!
Tuesdays, starting with an Akathist service at 7pm.
The Bible Study is available both for in-person attendance and online via Google Meet.
Reply to this email for the link to the online meeting.
Join our online Book Study group, which meets every other week on Fridays at 8pm.
Right now we are reading a book by Rod Dreher "The Benedict Option, a strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation."
A very timely book for everything that's going on in the society right now.
We meet via Google Meet; therefore, reply to this email to get the meeting link.
There is nothing evil in learning our infirmities in endurance. Indeed, doing so prevents us from forming a prideful opinion of our own nature by lifting ourselves up against God, and taking His glory to ourselves, rendering us ungrateful, thereby bringing much evil upon ourselves.
- Saint Irenaeus of Lyon
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Formation Training
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an awesome program that we use for our Sunday School. Our Sunday School teachers are encouraged to participate in this training (at least as observers). The teenagers, if able, should also try to attend. Part of the Sunday School for teenagers will be them teaching, because that's how they learn best.

We have a fund setup in the parish for the training of our teachers specifically for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. The tuition will be covered for those who desire to complete the program and become certified.

And since we are on the topic of Sunday School. Next school year, God willing, our Sunday School will be on Saturday, as part of Family Night, from 3pm to 5pm, where we will have Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for those 3-12 y.o., young adult and adult classes. Followed by a communal meal, and then Vespers. More on this will be announced in the coming months.
Click on the image for the podcast episode
Today's podcast recommendation is a discussion between Jonathan Pageau and Father Stephen De Young. They are discussing Fr Stephen’s new book The Religion of the ApostlesThey talk about "the divine council,” what it means to exist, monotheism vs polytheism, atheism and materialism, postmodernism, the Book of Enoch, witchcraft, the judgement of God and hope for the future.

Fr. Stephen De Young is an Orthodox priest. He’s the host of the Whole Counsel of God podcast and a co-host of the Lord of Spirits podcast from Ancient Faith Ratio. He’s also the author of the Whole Counsel blog.
Speaking of the book. It is guaranteed to blow your mind away and challenge the things you believe and how you believe. This is mostly due to the fact, as Fr Stephen and Jonathan discuss in the above video, due to us being heavily influenced by materialism.
This book is also the next book we will be reading and discussing in our Book Study. So get it. Read it. And be ready to discuss it.
Nadia, Alexander, Keith, Joan, Michele, Linda, William, Nadezhda, Patricia, Alan, Patricia, Jakob, Lucy, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Jason, Kylie, Benjamin, Barbara
If there is an event going on in our town or the surrounding towns, be it church event or civic, we post about it on our website. So, check them out by clicking on the image above.
Looking Ahead to Next Sunday
series of reflections
The Gospel lesson

come to believe

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The Epistle reading

proclaim to the people all the words of this life

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Saint of the day

Saint Stephen, bishop of Perm'

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May-July newsletter
The latest issue of our quarterly newsletter is now available at this link.
All registered members can pick up their copy in church at the fellowship hall downstairs.
Extra copies, like always, will be available in the narthex.
Yours in the Lord,
Father Aleksey
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