Dear brothers and sisters
Christ is among us!
He is and always will be!
In today's issue:
  1. Upcoming Schedule
  2. Christian education in our parish
  3. Driving Teams
  4. Our response to the war in Ukraine
  5. Wisdom from the saints
  6. Garage Sale
  7. Podcast recommendation of the week
  8. Newsletter - August-October
  9. August birthdays
  10. LANS (Looking Ahead to Next Sunday) readings and reflection
View our GOOGLE CALENDAR for a detailed week to week schedule
Please note: Fr Aleksey and family will be away from Sunday, Aug. 21 (after the Liturgy) to Thursday, Aug. 25
Join our online Book Study group, which meets every other week on Fridays at 8pm.
We are beginning to read a new book, "
The Religion of the Apostles" by Fr Stephen De Young. 
This is one of the best sellers among Orthodox books at the moment. The book "presents the Orthodox Christian Church of today as a continuation of the religious life of the apostles, which in turn was a continuation of the life of the people of God since the beginning of creation."
We meet via Google Meet; therefore, reply to this email to get the meeting link.
If you or someone you know need help getting to and from church on Sundays (or other days), please let Fr Aleksey know, or reply to this email.
If you would like to volunteer to drive someone to church on your way here, also tell Fr Aleksey.
As the cruel and unprovoked invasion of and war in Ukraine by Vladimir Putin tragically continues, we, as Christians living in the USA, will continue to pray and help in whatever way we can:

1. Pray - here is a link to 
three Prayers for Peace.

2. Help - on the first page of our website - - you will find information for ways you can help either financially or with items donated. The information will be periodically updated.

May the Good Lord guard and protect those who are being bombed, wounded, and displaced, and grant eternal rest with His saints to all the lives already lost in this senseless war.
Give thanks for what you have received. And do not be angry on account of those things which you have not received. And, for what you know, give glory, and do not stumble at those things of which you are ignorant. For God has made both alike profitably. And He has revealed some things, but hidden others, providing for your safety.
- Saint John Chrysostom
The Garage Sale held on August 13 was a raging success; and we still have many items for sale. Therefore, there will be a second day of Garage Sale tomorrow, Saturday, August 20, 9am-3pm.

As before, if you are able to help running the show, please arrive by 9am, or at any time during the day.
We will need help especially with the clean up. Leftover things will need to be bagged and boxed and either taken to Goodwill or prepared to be thrown out.

This Garage Sale is supporting our Church School. 10% of all proceeds is going to support the Ukrainian refugees.
Click on image for the podcast episode

This week I'd like to share with you a wonderful podcast called Wandering the Desert. The link above is to all 36 episodes. Pick one and listen, they are all great!
The August-October quarterly Newsletter should have been out by now, but I have not even started putting it together. I apologize for taking so long. My family and I have been busy lately with life, and that leaves precious little time for trivial things like the newsletter. My plan it to have it printed by the start of September.
Peter, Sonia, Vladislaw, Jonathan, Charissa, Olga, Ludmila, Olga, Andrew, Marie, Vickie, Olga, Lenny, Maria, Alex, Nicholas, Anna, Jonathan, Marie, Nicholas, Jackie
God grant you many years!
The Gospel lesson

casting out demons

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The Epistle reading

spectacle to the world

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Saint of the day

holy confessor Emilian, bishop of Kyzikos (820

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Yours in the Lord,
Father Aleksey
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