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Hello, fellow listeners!

Welcome to the new and improved Audio Dramatic! The refresh and rebrand comes as part of the creation and launch of my personal website -- where you can expect more podcast related content from me! Hooray!

The rest of the newsletter will guide you through what you can expect from the website, the new newsletter, FAQs, and a couple of article links to two of my articles published recently!

This has been a project several months in the making. And before I go any further, I want to shout out Rey, who is the artist I hired for my logo and header. They did fantastic, dedicated work and I am so grateful for everything they put into the project.


  • A localized place to find my background and links to my work with other publications
  • Expect: longform reviews, first looks at new podcasts, interviews, themed lists, and news updates
  • Eventually, a place to find podcaster resources and aids, like how-to articles or links to consultation places
  • The biggest change is definitely the layout! (Please get in touch with me if I forget alt-text on images; if I do, I will be posting an edited version of the newsletter on an archive page of my website). The move is a highly welcome one that I've been considering since about issue #7.
  • I'll be keeping the title of probably my most popular section, Casting Light. Casting it Back is undergoing a slight rebrand to be a clear topic header, but the mini-reviews aren't going anywhere!
  • Casting the Future is being retired, though I will still have updates on upcoming episodes, seasons, and new podcasts grouped with other news and updates.
  • My other sections (Recommended Reading, the occasional Gift Box or Off-Topic list, etc) will remain unchanged.
The new format gives me so much more flexibility with how I present my work, with the opportunity to expand on it in the future to include things like news discussions and embedded video (I see you, visual podcast trailers.)

I hope you like the changes, and if you have concerns or comments please feel free to get in touch with me just by replying to this newsletter -- it comes straight to my email!

I have detailed and in-depth policy guidelines for my review requests here on my website. Reading them is required for submission. Review request windows are open on a bimonthly basis.

Podcast review requests open November 1st-4th, 2018.

Here's a list of what you can expect as a reader:

  • At least one article a week, in addition to the upload of newsletter content to their own posts.
  • Longform reviews of podcasts both of fiction and nonfiction podcasts, including in-depth analyses of topics such as academic themes and literary analysis, ethics, cultural and political relevance, audio design, and presentation.
  • First Look reviews of newly debuted podcasts, in order to help support new indie podcasters who may be overwhelmed by the discovery problem, or the quantity of podcasts in their genre. They'll be somewhat speculative, and highly focused on one or two episodes only.
  • A purposeful focus on marginalized and oppressed creators, actors, guests, or topics relating to these communtiies.
  • Lists! I have so many ideas for potential fun lists. I've enjoyed my Themed Audio Drama Sundays threads, so I'm just taking those theories to a bigger stage.
  • Spanish podcast coverage, usually bilingual, in order to provide one more accessible platform for these podcasts.
Six podcast episodes that had enormous impact on me and my life.
An interview with Kaitlin Prest about her audio fiction, The Shadows.
Here are links to some recently published articles! Today, I publisehd a list of podcast episodes that had significant impact on my life in some fashion, from the long ago to the notably very recent. It's an intense and personal read, so take care. There's also my Bello Collective interview with Kaitlin Prest about her newest work The Shadows, which also inclues a review of the first two episodes. The Shadows is an amazing feat of audio work, and my comversation with Kaitlin skyrocketed in my list of favorite interviews I've ever done.

If you want to see more reviews, interviews, and other articles from me, you can support me over at my ko-fi account! 
Ko-Fi Support

This is where news updates about podcasts and events and such will appear, including news about my appearances! Be sure to read so you can keep your eye on what's happening both in audio fiction and in podcasting in general!
International Podcast Day is September 30th, all day! I'll be speaking at 8 PM PST, about Audio Fiction as a Diverse Gateway for Podcasting.  You'll be able to access the feed at, for watching and chatting, and you can use the #InternationalPodcastDay hashtag on Twitter. And here's the link to the full schedule, so you can see the other phenomenal podcasters that are going to be speaking throughout the day. I'm so excited about the number of talks covering new podcasting geographic ground, links between podcasting and positive impact, and one talk that's fully in Spanish!
These are some potential FAQs, to make sure everything that needs to be clear at the outside is so.

Is Audio Dramatic changing focus? What's happening? Too many new podcasts!

It's okay! Audio Dramatic is remaining an audio fiction focused newsletter, with only very occasional Off-Topic list of nonfiction podcasts. If you're looking for my nonfiction podcast reviews, stay tuned to my website. (I will not be taking separate review requests for Audio Dramatic.)

Why are you not accepting review requests until November?

Primarily, because I want to use October build up a little bit a of catalog that shows my tastes and strategies when reviewing nonfiction pods so that those podcasts can have a better undestanding of what to expect from me and what I'm expecting from them.  Additionally, it gives podcasts who want to submit to me a good month to put together materials according to my guidelines.

Why are your review request windows so small?

Because of my already existing workload. I have a thesis to finish still, and while I'm comfortable working these two things in tandem, my thesis completion takes priority (which means I'll be accepting a much smaller number of submissions than I would otherwise). I expect this to change in summer of 2019.

Can I ask you to put my resume/event/job posting/ad in your newsletter?

I'll be accepting newsletter sponsor ads sometime in late 2018 or very early 2019, and I'll announce it both on Twitter and at the bottom of the newsletter. For now, all news in the boxed section are items I've collected myself and I won't be accepting advertisement requests at this time.

I hope the rebranding of Audio Dramatic settles in well with you, my dear readers, and that my new website is something you're excited to engage with. I can tell you that launching it has been a lot of effort, and worth every bit of it. If you'd like to ask me questions or comments, you can reply to this newsletter (it goes directly to my email!) or reach out to me on Twitter.

Happy listening,
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