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Hello, fellow podcast lovers!

Sometimes, there's just no way you can fit in another second of work. I didn't mean for this week to be an off-week, but alas, when you're juggling four different gigs at the same time, it's no wonder that something will fall off the plate. This past week, I've written somewhere around six thousand words of various articles, prepped ludicrous amounts of materials for a class I'm teaching, corralled my local friends to sign up to participate in a food train for my friend who is about to give birth, consulted on several projects, conducted some interviews, and importantly:

Listened to not one single podcast outside of those required for my articles.

What a realization to have on a Sunday.

Last night, I didn't know if I could manage to pull it together; I worked on various projects for ten hours. This morning, I woke up three hours earlier than I normally do to go to a doctor's appointment and knew, my body simply would not let me pile anything else on, and had kick the newsletter into a lower gear. My therapist calls this "meeting yourself where you're at", my brain calls this "but you promised, you HAVE to!", my housemate doesn't call this anything, she just tells me to go back to bed.

So. I came out with a middle-ground that doesn't make me want to hide under the bed with my cat. Let's have a fun time taking a look at some sound art in different places: a couple of podcasts I like that deal with this, but also video essays or excerpts, online presentations, art installations and interviews, and events.

Editor's Note: Last week's essay used phrasing that implied Kamala Harris held a job as a police officer in the past. Harris is not a literal cop, and has never been a literal cop; however, her profound support of the carceral state, from her policies on prisons and police forces to her policies on security and law, cannot be ignored or downplayed, and this is what the essay referred to in the phrasing of calling her (and others in government and positions of power) a cop.
  • This is a video, but it's audio, but it's movement?  I dunno, man, here's the exhibit MOTION from Kosen Solar, a kinetic sound art sculpture, where sound is created via an enormous stone pendulum casting shadows on a solar panel. The change in light intensity sends out electrical impulses and-- look, big rock make good sound you feel me? [note: many of the sounds of low bass hums]
  • Literally today I discovered the Future Ecologies podcast, which is a podcast all about music and the natural world. This work is incredible, especially for people who want to discover new music alongside narratives about the relationship between people the living planet.
Listening In, Kandinsky "What Does Colour Sound Like?" [fully captioned]
  • I love Kandinsky's art (in particular, Composition VIII has been a favorite since childhood), and this short video talks about his synesthesia, his writing in Concerning the spiritual in art, and a lovely, calming analysis of the shapes and sounds present in some of his work.
  • You can find a translated version of his writing on the Gutenberg Project, as it is public domain in the US.
  • This YouTube channel does a bunch of mini video essays on music and sound! I've been enjoying clicking through at will.

USC, College Artists & Musicians Collaborations "Sound Art at USC" [no captions]
  • This is a pastiche of interviews and the final exam concert of students from the school of fine arts and the music school in the Sound Art class. In this class, the artists made instruments and the musicians learn to play and compose on. I just thought it was neat. Look at the cool instruments and how pretty they look! Listen to those sounds!
Philharmonie, Robin Minard "<<On and Between>> sound installation | rainy days 2017"  [fully captioned]
  • Robin Minard is a Canadian composer and installer who is concerned with acoustic space in urban areas dealing with noise pollution. In this installation, using 100 speakers, he uses the pillars of the Philharmonie Luxembourg to transform the foyer into an intimate space.
  • His website has video documentations of several of his installations.
Boss Witch Productions, Launch Fundraiser June 10, 2021
  • This team of majority artists of color and marginalized genders are launching a new organization to fund special projects based on ritual, the natural world, and social constructs. The virtual performances will include singing, choreography and dancing, and environmentally-conscious art. The ticket revenue will fund their future work.
  • You can read a little more about the event over at Hyperallergic
  • It will be livestreamed from the Los Angeles Coaxial Arts Foundation. Tickets are $25.

Docs Ireland 2021: Audio Docs Day, Radio Atlas "Special Docs Screening" June 18, 2021
  • Radio Atlas is an incredible podcast that presents English-subtitled audio from around the world. In coordination with the Docs Ireland, they're presenting a special screening of audio work (drama, docs, and sound art) around the themes of love and sex.
  • You can pre-order the film compilation for £4. It works like a movie ticket that lasts 24 hours, once the film is released.
Did you find this link online? Get it sent by a friend?

The first person to say that I used this as an excuse to indulge my ASMR is grounded.

If you'd like to ask me questions or comments, you can reply to this newsletter (it goes directly to my email!) or reach out to me on Twitter.

May your podcasts bring you joy,
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