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Hello, fellow listeners!

The first thing you need to know is that there's no essay today, for two reasons.

One, the topic I picked ended up being a lot more complicated than I expected and I absolutely need to do it justice, so it's getting shifted into a full online article at some point so that I have time to do the appropriate research.

Two, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter or follow the news at all really, today is the paro nacional (general strike) protesting Ricky Roselló's refusal to resign from his position as governor of Puerto Rico. It's been a long week for me out here, watching this entire situation unfold, and today I need to be able to spend some time signal-boosting my people, calling friends and family, and giving myself some space to breathe.

Instead of an essay, I've centered the announcement for the POC in Audio directory, which launched this past week. This is a crucial tool for all audio creators, and you can find more information about it below.  With that said, let's get started.

The Amelia Project, Venerio (episode 2.1): Satirical comedy The Amelia Project is back for season two, with our favorite Interviewer’s newest case examined by two curious, easily-distracted agents. Amelia’s return is full of the same level of humorous absurdity season one was famous for, and brings new forms to its new season, heralded by the season one finale. The switch in framework, to two detectives reviewing Amelia’s recorded conversations, is a seamless transition, one that plays on the underlying long-term arc without sacrificing the enticing episodic nature of the interviews. [27:16]

Carrier, Backhault & Bolt Seal (episodes 1 & 2): Carrier follows Raylene, a truck driver stranded at a stop without a paying gig to get her home to her hospitalized father, and her adventure with taking an external job. Produced by the same company behind Blackout, this thriller highlights the incredible acting of Cynthia Erivo above all else; she’s brilliant as Raylene, a moody, frustrated, worried, anxious person who makes desperate decisions when backed against the wall. The directing has left some sloppy overlap in phone conversations in particular, resulting them in feeling unreal, but Erivo’s talent sails right on through, untouched. (I also have a minor gripe with the introduction saying that “This is not a podcast. This is not an audiobook. This is a dimensional experience...” Just say it’s binaural and headphones are recommended. It’s literally a podcast; stop trying to distance yourself from “those other podcasts”.) [20:22 & 22:08]

Molly of Denali, Happy Birthday, Molly! (episode 8): This eight-episode miniseries, to be paired with the new TV show, is absolutely one of the cutest children’s podcasts to come out in 2019. Giving voice to Indigenous Dena’ina peoples, Molly of Denali is an empowering story that brings to the forefront language, stories, and history. This episode wraps up the mystery-adventure of Molly’s missing birthday cake and the budding relationship between Molly and the Malamute puppy, Suki. (The theme song is particularly sticky.) [9;06]

Standard Docking Procedure, Space Deck (episode 3): This is a brilliant take on “accidentally scheduled two dates for the same time” and maybe even, “long-lost twins”, though not if you ask them. Tiff and Reagan are hilarious when working and playing together, as always. The combination of Gaddis’ tongue-in-cheek writing and, in particular, Schifini’s unending capacity for snark, means that Standard Docking Procedure continues to be the space sitcom we need. [20:41]

The Cryptonaturalist, Glow Tiger (episode 26): The Cryptonaturalist’s run continues to be a place of soft, poetic words and gentle consideration for the listener, as well as absurdly fantastical creatures and places. “Glow Tiger” handles the strange residues that some creatures leave behind, the way that we might not think we do or are blind to. The Cryptonaturalist’s newest episode is another shining example of how much care and thought you can wrap up into an episode via cryptids and strange encounters. [17:56]

The POC in Audio Directory is a growing website of over 500 people of color who work in audio worldwide. It was built to support them, and to provide a resource to people hiring, as long as they abide by the terms and conditions to do all the work needed to sustain and support people of color in a working environment. 

This is a brilliant resource. It's crucial, and should be on everyone's go-to list. But it's a resource, not the solution. You have to do the work.

logo for POC in AUDIO

You can follow them on Twitter here. You can read Phoebe Wang's speech at Third Coast that announced the directory here.
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June 2019 Debut Roundups!
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Actual play Ghostpuncher Corps is back with G.R.I.D.BR34K3R, a journey into a VR MMO, adapting a new system to the familiar themes of living as a marginalized trans + disabled person, corporate greed, heavy metal, horror, and the occult. Watch the trailer here and give Ghostpuncher Corps a listen.
The Van is crowdfunding for their next season on IndieGoGo. Support a poetic indie podcast about superpowers and found family.
The Fall of the House of Sushine is crowdfunding their third season on Kickstarter.
CovenCast: A Disaster's Guide to Magic has a casting call out (which you can find at this link) and are specifically looking for women of color, including Indigenous women, to audition.
International Podcast Month is crowdfunding on IndieGoGo for their second year, which has blossomed in variety and quantity of audio, participants, and articles.
Wil Williams interviewed the creators of Arden about their second season and this is such a great read! (Their second season is Hamlet, y'all.)

Mark Pagán wrote a great article on partners who podcast, or on podcasting with your significant other and how to manage it in the best, healthiest way. It's not impossible!

Signal-boost tweets and posts about Puerto Rico's general strike and protest. There's hundreds of thousands of people out there right now. Get inspired.

If you'd like to ask me questions or comments, you can reply to this newsletter (it goes directly to my email!) or reach out to me on Twitter.

Happy listening,
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