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This week we introduce the first of our new 'Friends of HS' series, where we turn the spotlight on some of the brilliant collaborators we work alongside.
Nick van Tiem


Job title:
I’ve done my fair share of Nike jobs with HS. They were all legendary to work on. We also worked together on all the TOMS campaigns across Europe [link below] and some smaller bits and pieces here and there.

My favourite HS project must have been the 2018 Nike Air Max campaign. Not solely because of the work we produced, but because of the major impact it had on my career.

In 2018 I was just starting to build my fashion/commercial portfolio. I came from a documentary background and wanted to mix storytelling with a more commercial aesthetic. After a year of investing in personal work, cash was running low and I was praying to all the gods for somebody to notice the editorials I was putting out. 

Then one day an email came in from Ben Ireland [Sr Art Director at HS], asking if he could option me for the new Nike Air Max campaign. I was beyond excited, but tried to play it cool. We got the job, nailed it, and more and more jobs started coming in after that. If it weren’t for Ben and HarrimanSteel trusting me with that job, who knows what would have happened. 

→ The TOMS Changemakers campaign 
→ Visit Nick's website  
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