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Season's Greetings!

Small & Strong Conference 
Our GPNF is indeed becoming small and strong, but so was the confab of lesser known co-ops that met at Normandale College earlier this month.  Co-ops from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Maine, and locations in between sent their managers and decision makers to gather in one place, give presentations on their histories, provide tips for successfully starting up, and highlight mistakes that should be avoided.  These were organizations that had weathered the challenges of surviving and even thriving in a crowded retail grocery space.  It was confidence building for Alycia and me to meet face to face and exchange ideas with those who had brainstormed solutions to problems we would not have anticipated.

Visit to an Annual Member Meeting

In September we had the opportunity to visit the annual member meeting of a larger co-op 19,000 member-owners strong. This was an edifying experience for us Glenconians to get the view from 35,000 ft:  short and long term projects, issues of departmental/ interdepartmental/ storewide scale, relevant metrics for measuring progress, financials, and fashioning approaches to community food access.  The particular co-op we visited was surviving; however, margins were being sacrificed to meet the intense competition from the usual chains.  Fortunately, co-ops operate to serve their owners and do not require higher profits to reward speculative investors.  Also fortunately, the trend seems to be increasing requests for fresh and healthy food choice in underserved rural communities like Glencoe.  Both producers and consumers are coming to realize that the most crucial investment needed is the investment in learning.

Turkeys & Other Meats

We have identified a producer (Amas Farm) of of organic turkey and a supplier already to the co-op in New Ulm.  Stop by our temporary office to sign up to receive one of these nutritious birds.  We expect these to be available on or about December 14th--see our Facebook page ( to get the latest information on what is new on the shelf.  Alternatively, watch for an email from us announcing new offerings, including eggs and other meats. Email us to reserve your's now!

Glenconians Are Mostly Like Me - Karl's Tribute

Glenconians are mostly reserved, tentative, and a bit stiff ...... like me.
Glenconians are mostly of modest means and watch their pennies ...... like me.
Glenconians are mostly respectful of all things ag ...... like me.
Glenconians are mostly curious and/or hopeful about again having a natural foods store in town ...... like me.
...... and Glenconians are mostly able and willing to get in gear to make things better ...... like me.

- Karl D. Holmberg, Board President

A BIG THANKS to Karl Holmberg for writing the entire newsletter this month! 

If you need a bit of inspiration see McLeod County Health & Wellness or learn more on our website. Follow us as we blaze the co-op trail.

Alycia Gruenhagen & Karl Holmberg

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News & Events
Goal: Establish store front and set up permanent office. 
Update!! We have set up a table to pilot some organic products and discover what customers want while getting some good food to you. 
Location: We have at least 3 locations in mind that we are looking at for opening a retail space. Email us with ideas. 

Greener Pastures Pilot Program
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M - F:  8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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Membership Push - All of 2018 we are using social media, our website, business cards, events such as the farmers markets and word of mouth to organize and encourage membership.

Journey Page: We have published a recap or "Journey" page on the website.
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