Dead Periods

  • Football: dead period= January 8 to January 10, 2019
  • Baseball: quiet period= January 8 to February 28, 2019
  • Volleyball: quiet period= January 8 to January 31, 2019


  • Each team’s CARA logs are due by the 7th of each month. If you still have logs that need to be submitted from Fall 2018, please have them submitted by the end of the week.

Beginning of the Semester Compliance Meetings

  • Please email Kay to schedule a meeting with your team. We would like to complete these by the end of January.

Recruiting Reminders:

  • Volunteer Coaches cannot recruit
  • All Contacts and Evaluations must be logged in ARMS by the 7th of each month. If a team does not log any contacts or evaluations for the year, your team may be audited.
  • Head Coaches remember you are responsible if your assistant coaches do not accurately log recruiting contacts/evals/unofficial/official visits.
  • Football: Remember to log phone calls by the 7th of each month

Unofficial visits

  • Must be logged in ARMS within 5 business days after the visit occurred.

Official visits

  • Must be submitted at least 7 business days before the visit and must be approved by compliance before the PSA may come to campus. Please remember the PSA and the Student Host must both sign acknowledgments.

Transfer Portal

  • As discussed in the Sept. 12th meeting, the Single-Source Sign-On (SSO) Administrators can now provide access to the Transfer Portal for staff and coaches. It went live on October 15, 2018.  Please set-up an appointment with Kay to sign-up if you have not done so at this time. Please note,  we have two business days from the date any student-athlete makes a request (to a coach or compliance) to add them to the Transfer Portal.

New Compliance Requirement:

  • As part of our NCAA probation, we are required to have more compliance trainings with the coaching staffs. We were required to submit a schedule of these meetings and to provide attendance recording. For the 2018-19 academic year, these meetings will include the kickoff meeting, five head coaches meetings, and six in-person compliance presentations of which every coach and sport specific staff members (e.g. director of operations, strength staff members, managers) will have to attend at least four.
  • Head Coaches meetings: Going forward if a Head Coach is unable to attend a Head Coaches meeting due to competition or recruiting, he or she will need to email Kay and Scott. If possible, the coach will need to send a staff representative to be present at the meeting or will need to schedule a follow-up meeting with Compliance. The remaining Head Coaches meetings are tentatively scheduled for January, March, and May 2019.
  • 6 Compliance presentations:  Coaching staffs and team specific support staff will be required to attend four of the six in person meetings. Friendly reminder, if you didn’t attended any of the meetings during the Fall 2018 semester, you will need to attend all of the remaining meetings. Attendance will be taken and is required to be submitted to the NCAA. The meetings for Spring 2019 and Summer 2019 are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:
    • Wednesday, February 6th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
    • Wednesday, April 10th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
    • Wednesday, June 19th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
    • Wednesday, July 24th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center

Level III Violation

A sports information director retweeted a post generated by a scouting service. On January 16, 2018, Cal Sports Information Director retweeted a tweet generated by “Scout”. The tweet contained a link to an article about potential prospective student-athletes who would attend the institution. Due to the nature of the information and the article, Scout has been considered a recruiting/scouting service, so the retweet represented a violation of Bylaw The tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted.

Presence of Mascot During Off-Campus Contact or Evaluation (I)


The NCAA academic and membership affairs staff determined that it is not permissible for any mascot (e.g., live, costume) to be present during an off-campus recruiting contact or evaluation. One-Time Transfer Exception. The student transfers to the certifying institution from another four-year collegiate institution, and all of the following conditions are met (for graduate students, see Bylaw 14.6.1):(Revised: 1/16/93 effective 8/1/93, 1/11/94, 1/10/95, 1/9/96, 1/11/97, 11/1/00 effective 8/1/01, 4/26/01, 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 4/27/06 effective 10/15/06, 12/15/06, 4/27/07 effective 8/1/08, 4/29/10 effective 8/1/10, 4/22/11)

(a) The student is a participant in a sport other than baseball, basketball, bowl subdivision football or men's ice hockey at the institution to which the student is transferring. A participant in championship subdivision football at the institution to which the student is transferring may use this exception only if the participant transferred to the certifying institution from an institution that sponsors bowl subdivision football and has two or more seasons of competition remaining in football or the participant transfers from a Football Championship Subdivision institution that offers athletically related financial aid in football to a Football Championship Subdivision institution that does not offer athletically related financial aid in football;

(b) The student has not transferred previously from one four-year institution unless, in the previous transfer, the student-athlete received an exception per Bylaw (discontinued/nonsponsored sport exception);

(c) At the time of transfer to the certifying institution (see Bylaw 14.5.2), the student would have been academically eligible had he or she remained at the institution from which the student transferred, except that he or she is not required to have fulfilled the necessary percentage-of-degree requirements at the previous institution; and

(d) If the student is transferring from an NCAA or NAIA member institution, the student's previous institution shall certify in writing that it has no objection to the student being granted an exception to the transfer-residence requirement. If an institution receives a written request for a release from a student-athlete, the institution shall grant or deny the request within seven business days. If the institution fails to respond to the student-athlete's written request within seven business days, the release shall be granted by default and the institution shall provide a written release to the student-athlete.

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