-Don’t forget the NLI period is still open for all sports except Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Football.

-The last working day for Campus is Dec. 21st.

-Please email Kay and Katie ASAP if you anticipate enrolling new student-athletes in Spring 2019.

-New Compliance Requirement:

o  As part of our NCAA probation, we are required to have more compliance trainings with the coaching staffs. We were required to submit a schedule of these meetings and to provide attendance recording. For the 2018-19 academic year, these meetings will include the kickoff meeting, five head coaches meetings, and six in-person compliance presentations of which every coach and sport specific staff members (e.g. director of operations, strength staff members, managers) will have to attend at least four.

o  Head Coaches meetings: Going forward if a Head Coach is unable to attend a Head Coaches meeting due to competition or recruiting, he or she will need to email Kay and Scott. If possible, the coach will need to send a staff representative to be present at the meeting or will need to schedule a follow-up meeting with Compliance. The remaining Head Coaches meetings are tentatively scheduled for January, March, and May 2019.

o  6 Compliance presentations:  Coaching staffs and team specific support staff will be required to attend four of the six in person meetings. Attendance will be taken and is required to be submitted to the NCAA. These meetings are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:

  • Wednesday, November 28th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
  • Wednesday, December 12th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
  • Wednesday, February 6th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
  • Wednesday, April 10th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
  • Wednesday, June 19th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center
  • Wednesday, July 24th 9:30 AM in the Humphreys Center

Case Number

Case Type




Secondary/Level III Violations









Men's Track, Indoor
Men's Track, Outdoor




Legislative Cite(s) - Practice or Competition Site.

Decision Date: 11/6/2018


Rationale: It has been determined that the case should be classified as Level III.:

Case Summary

A non-coaching staff member conducted a tour of athletic facilities to a high school team traveling to a contest. Associate head coach for track & field was contacted by a former student-athlete at the institution who requested a tour of the athletic facilities for the high school team that he was currently coaching. The associate head coach agreed, and directed a non-coaching staff member to conduct a tour with the high school team. None of the countable coaches had direct contact with the PSAs during the tour.

Institution Action:

Rules education was conducted with the coaching staff and they were reminded that any campus tour involving prospects must be approved by the compliance office prior to conducting a tour. The institution will count the contact with involved PSAs as one of the permissible contact opportunities and reduce the remaining number of contact opportunities for each PSA by one.


Out-of-season Weekly Limitations Weekly Hour Limitations -- Outside the Playing Season. (Adopted: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/91, Revised: 1/10/95 effective 8/1/95, 1/14/97, 11/1/00, 10/31/02 effective 8/1/03, 3/10/04, 4/27/06 effective 8/1/06, 9/22/06, 12/15/06, 4/26/17, 4/25/18 effective 8/1/18)

(a) Sports Other Than Football. Outside the playing season, from the institution's first day of classes of the academic year or September 15, whichever occurs earlier, to one week prior to the beginning of the institution's final examination period at the conclusion of the academic year, only a student-athlete's participation in required weight training, conditioning and skill-related instruction shall be permitted. A student-athlete's participation in such activities per Bylaw 17.02.1 shall be limited to a maximum of eight hours per week with not more than four hours per week spent on skill-related workouts. All countable related activities outside the playing season are prohibited one week prior to the beginning of the final examination period for the applicable academic term through the conclusion of each student-athlete's final exams.

(c) Championship Subdivision Football. Activities between the institution's last contest and the  conclusion of the academic year are limited to required weight training, conditioning, review of game film and walk-throughs (see Bylaw 17.02.20). A student-athlete's participation in such activities shall be limited to a maximum of eight hours per week, of which not more than two hours per week may be spent on the viewing of film and participating in walk-throughs. All activities beginning with the start of summer conditioning and outside the playing season shall be conducted pursuant to Bylaws17.10.6.2 and


2-4-2-4 Transfer Student Who Earns an Associate Degree at the First Two-Year Institution (I)


The NCAA academic and membership affairs staff determined that a 2-4-2-4 transfer student-athlete may earn an associate degree at either two-year college attended to satisfy the graduation requirement in 4-2-4 transfer legislation, provided all other applicable legislation is met (e.g., 25-percent requirement). The transfer student-athlete would also need to meet all other transfer requirements (e.g., grade-point average, credit hours, etc.) as specified in the legislation to be exempt from an academic year of residence at the time of transfer to the Division I institution.

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