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Patrick Wilson - Leave My Love
single out today

Leave My Love is the latest single from Melbourne singer-songwriter Patrick Wilson. Leaning into a reminiscent and melancholic sentiment, Wilson captures that feeling of “what if” and the power of hindsight, tapping into a feeling we’ve all had at one point. This lush, rolling tune evokes a sense of longing and old fashioned romanticism in both its sound and lyrics. All wrapped up in the hope of redemption and a second chance.

Patrick Wilson is a twang assassin. Beneath his polite, disarming and charming exterior he is a multi-faceted musical ninja, capable of cutting through your heart-strings with a single turn of phrase or a twist of melodic flare.” - Henry Wagons
There’s a tender, unmistakable charm that lingers in the work of natural-born storyteller, Patrick Wilson. Rich in craftsmanship, Wilson’s trademark sound and approach to songwriting are gifts only strengthened by the life he breathes into performance.
His is a befitting narrative. It was in 2010 that Wilson, a Torquay tragic and lover of community life, decided once-and-for-all to satiate his own creative hunger. Channelling the intricate romanticism of a small-town upbringing into writing, recording, and a debut EP, Anywhere with a Rooftop (2017), Wilson began the painstakingly slow but ultimately revolutionary process of personal reinvention.
It’s not often that audiences witness an artist whose output is so grounded, personable, and heartrendingly honest. As it happens, there’s a distinct warmth and benevolence sewn deep within the lining of Wilson’s craft. We’ve seen it with the likes of Marlon Williams, Kacey Musgraves and Roy Orbison, all stars in their own right, but it’s in Patrick Wilson that this unique class of alternative, old-time Americana finds its true north.
Wilson’s rich, even-flowing voice tempts light to even the darkest corners of rooms and implores us, above all, to place trust in the hands of its owner. Make no mistake: Patrick Wilson is a man of his word.
A true musician of the rarest skill, he remains in demand as a drummer and long-time guitarist for a conglomeration of Australian acts including Fanny Lumsden, Henry Wagons, Georgia State Line, Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, Ben Mastwyk and his Millions and many more.
Wilson has supported The Bellamy Brothers (USA), Australian country heavyweight Bill Chambers (Dead Ringer Band), and has travelled internationally playing shows alongside James Ellis and the Jealous Guys. Appearing onstage at some of Australia’s best festivals on offer including The Tamworth Country Music Festival, Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Muster and Falls Festival!
I heard Patrick Wilson sing for the first time in a small studio in Melbourne. His voice and his songs just blew me away.” - Bill Chambers
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