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Chris Wilson's Landlocked, Faithless & Free
30th anniversary reissue OUT TODAY

Cheersquad Records & Tapes are stoked to present Chris Wilson’s Landlocked, Faithless & Free, a very special 30th Anniversary Reissue that sees Chris Wilson's original 1992 album Landlocked released on vinyl for the first time, and expanded to a double LP/double CD with the inclusion of tracks from the associated CD EPs The Big One and Alimony Blues.

Landlocked was Chris Wilson's first solo album, and it saw Wilson nominated for two ARIA Awards - for Best Male Artist and Breakthrough Artist, Album - and acclaimed by Rolling Stone as a “major talent”.  It followed his releases with the Crown of Thorns and Pub Dogs (see Cheersquad's 2022 reissue of the Pub Dogs’ Scatter's Liver), and preceded the classic live album Live at The Continental (which belatedly made the ARIA Top 20 album charts when reissued by Cheersquad in 2020).
Landlocked was co-produced by Wilson, engineer Doug Roberts and guitarist Shane O'Mara, who is also known for his work with Paul Kelly amongst many others, including new Cheersquad signing, The Silversound. The rhythm section comprised Chris' faithful sideman Chris 'Dodgy' Rogers on bass and erstwhile Paul Kelly drummer Peter Luscombe. Jen Anderson (Black Sorrows, Weddings Parties Anything) guested on violin, Evil Graham Lee (Triffids) on pedal steel and Rebecca Barnard (Rebecca's Empire etc) on vocals.

The magnificent vinyl double album contains sixteen tracks, four more than the original CD. The double CD has 20 tracks. NOTE: CDs will ship from about December 22nd. We apologise for the delay in the pressing process. All vinyl is shipping now.


Chris Wilson - Live at the Continental

Format: double gatefold sleeve vinyl, double CD.

This expanded edition contains 17 remastered tracks. For the first time on vinyl.

Shop here
Chris Wilson - Chris Wilson

Format: 12" black vinyl.

This 2018 self-titled album contains Chris’ final recordings. It is his most fearless work, and he would be so proud to know it’s been released on vinyl. Play it loud!
- Sarah Carroll

Shop here
The Pub Dogs - Scatter's Liver

Format: limited edition yellow and black smash vinyl, black vinyl.

Scatter's Liver is the only record by The Pub Dogs. Featuring the late, great Chris Wilson alongside Graham Lee of the Triffids, Barry Palmer of Harem Scarem and Hunters & Collectors, and country singer Mark C Halstead.

Shop here
Fenn Wilson - Ghost Heroin

Format: red vinyl, black vinyl.

Fenn Wilson's debut album is dedicated to his father, Chris Wilson. It expertly navigates the bumpy road from darkness to catharsis and drew reviews dripping with superlatives.

Buy red vinyl here, buy black vinyl here.
Seasick Steve - Blues in Mono

Format: limited edition dark blue vinyl, black vinyl and CD

A timeless tribute to traditional, acoustic country blues recorded with a 1940's microphone, with Steve performing solo, direct to an old tape machine.

Order dark blue vinyl here, buy black vinyl here, order CD here.
Checkerboard Lounge - Sun Sessions

Winner of Music Victoria's Best Blues Work Award 2022!

Shop here for CDs, and we have a handful of the limited edition, marbled yellow/orange vinyl left. Black vinyl can be found in independent record stores, or at a Checkerboard Lounge gig.
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