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Well of Spells’ is the debut album by new Oz super rockers, Seawitch. Fiona Horne, founder of 80s girl punk band, The Mothers, 90s rock star of DEF FX and infamous real life Witch, and Dave (Spiff) Hopkins, guitarist/founder of 80s/90s seminal surf rock band Hellmenn, sat down in the chaos of Covid times isolating together, with a vision to create a song a day.
They conjured a web of heavy rock, strewn with spells and enchantments, anchored with catchy fuzz feels that get your
head banging and feet moving.
Well of Spells’ has its roots deep in the hard rock sounds of the 70s, with Spiff's sonic mayhem guitar exploding out of your speakers, and bass player Brad Miller's fingers a freight train thundering through the tracks.  Fiona wields her guitar like a wand, her voice more powerful than ever, sending goosebumps up your spine.
Shipping now: purple vinyl (100 copies only, selling fast), orange vinyl (100 copies only), black vinyl, CD and digital. All vinyl comes with a digital download card.
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Nick Murphy's first single as Murphnick

Fakin It’ is the first single under the moniker Murphnick, by “the other” Melbourne musician Nick Murphy, who suddenly found that his namesake had taken over his digital presence.
Suddenly Nick was invisible, seeing pictures of
the other artist next to his own work...

The more famous Melbourne singer-songwriter decided to change his stage name back to his real name, which happens to be Nick Murphy. In the digital age, if an artist can’t be found via search engines, they are lost, non-existent. Suddenly Nick was invisible, seeing pictures of the other artist next to his own work, finding his name had been removed from a famous online music platform. Legal options were limited. Hence, Nick Murphy became Murphnick, and this story is the inspiration for ‘Fakin It.
Before releasing his debut album, ‘Breaking The Light’ in 2006, Nick Murphy had firmly established his reputation as a key founding member and songwriter for Melbourne pop psych outfit, The Anyones, and released a second record, ‘What’s In Your Mind?’ in 2011. Both records received wide critical acclaim.
Murphnick - Fakin It
Recorded at Trapdoor Studios, drums for ‘Fakin It’ were tracked and mixing and mastering completed by Tim Harvey and Marcel Borrack (The Minibikes) at Pow Wow. Marcel and Tim were so great to work with, graciously carrying out all weird requests; such has adding a vocal delay reminiscent of Bowie’s vocal in Moonage Daydream! Special guests included Al Barden on drums, Ben Mason & Tim Harvey on backing vocals (answering Murphnick in the chorus) and Ross McLennan (Snout) on the mellotron. All other instruments played by Murphnick.
LISTEN TO or BUY - Fakin It

Freya Josephine Hollick x Buick 6
7-inch single - limited copies

We have a few copies left of Freya Josephine Hollick's 7-inch single 'Nobody's No Better Than No One'. Pared on the B-side with Buick 6's 'Señorita Blvd'. Includes digital download of the A-side.

Side A - Nobody's No Better Than No One
Side B - Señorita Blvd
BUY 7-inch single
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Management and/or bookings: Tumbleweed, The Meanies, Even, Money for Rope, Minibikes, Los Chicos, Stompin' Riffraffs.

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