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Lisa Miller, The Golden Rail and The Pictures
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first time on vinyl - out today

'Car Tape' is an album of country-soul covers by singer-songwriter Lisa Miller, like the treasured cassette tape you would lovingly put together for a long car trip. Originally released in 2002, now available for the first time on vinyl: a limited edition of 100 red vinyl, and also available on black vinyl.
ARIA Nominations for: Best Female Artist, Best Independent Release and Best Adult Contemporary Album.
"Thirteen beautifully rendered heartfelt songs, many of them rather obscure, and mainly laidback and sombre. The emotional performances and the song choices are what make this album work. A lot of the songs deal with love and devotion to it. Miller's voice aches and yearns.... this is a great album, a late night album, thoughtful and reflective, not speeding down the highway. Maybe driving alone at night after a confused fight with a lover, or meeting someone new." - Strum
"An irresistible, smoky, four-in-the-morning voice ... a blissful experience." 4 1/2 stars - The Australian
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out today

'Songs from Empty Streets' is the third album by Melbourne based indie-pop band The Golden Rail. The band has deep roots in the Perth jangle pop tradition, and has garnered international acclaim for their previous albums.
The album is available as a limited edition, translucent orange vinyl, on black vinyl, and digitally.
"The perfect marriage of sophisticated melodies and soulful lyrics performed and sung by an equally soulful voice. The Golden Rail have risen to the top of the perfect pop charts with songs that Jimmy Webb would be proud of." - Dom Mariani (The Stems, The Someloves, DM3, Datura4)
The partnership of Ian Freeman and Jeff Baker goes back to the 80s, and The Golden Rail is the culmination of a 30-year writing partnership between them.  The pair started performing in Perth in the mid-80's in a string of bands either together or as side players in The Palisades, The Rainyard, Header, Summer Suns, DM3, The Lazybirds and recently with The Jangle Band.
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The Pictures - I Can’t Hold It Back

The Pictures - I Can’t Hold It Back
Melbourne trio The Pictures return with their first new music in 15 years in the form of a new single ‘I Can't Hold It Back’, the first taste of an LP, due early 2023. Available digitally, on limited edition marbled blue/black 7” vinyl, and on black vinyl.
The Pictures are the singing, songwriting and guitar-slinging vehicle for Davey Lane, best known as You Am I's "newest" member - he joined them on guitar in 1999. The Pictures, who also feature bass player Luke Thomas and drummer Brett Wolfenden, are known for their classic tunage and their meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy instrumental punch, which was heard on 5 EPs, 2 albums (including a Triple J Feature Album) and an odds and sods compilation.
Davey says: We’ve had more than enough time between drinks to shed the baggage and inject fun back into it - we can play and sing better than we ever could back in the day, and we’re coming up with new material that we simply didn’t have the depth of knowledge and experience to produce back then.
BUY - I Can't Hold It Back
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