And here we are in June!

Here at the Deer Farm, we have had quite a lot of rain - 32.5mm in fact. I am still getting out in my garden as I can, trying to undo years of well, neglect. I also have to re-instate my vegetable garden, having lost the area to a shed a few years ago. With so many trees around the house, finding an area with sun was hard. I have decided to use the area behind my studio which needs a lot of landscaping before it can be planted. It is however great fun, and I am obsessed by gardens on Instagram and YouTube, which I am trawling for inspo.

So, some of my book work type obligations are the current recipient of my neglect, but I hope you forgive me!

This month we are afraid there is going to be a bit of an inundation of emails. During the week we hope to sort out our new Landcare membership portal system. The Landcare team at the WGCMA have developed this wonderful system that allows us to manage our memberships and take credit card payments on line. You will be given a login Cnd will be able to manage your membership payments from your phone or computer. It will send you reminders when memberships are due or like me you may wish to have a auto-renewing subscription. Saves worrying about it. When it is ready to go we will let you know to expect an email from the system inviting you to join. We will also share just how easy it is to use. The whole thing integrates with our website, so will be very easy to find and manage.

We have just about finished our Action Plan revitalisation questionnaire, so look out for that in about a week. When we have your responses in we will meet somewhere awesome (warm, good food and drink) and quickly pull the whole thing together to be ratified at the AGM.

I have found a lot of good resources to share with you this month so please read through, you may find something that makes your day!

Don’t forget Bird Monitoring this Wednesday! 4.00pm meet at the sign next to the Blackspur Creek bridge on the Rail Trail.

**last minute edit**

Herb Wildes, one of our members and SGLN Boad Rep sent through this today. If interested contact me and I will pass it on to Herb.

Good morning Jill.

Winter has started and water has started running off. So, I am thinking it's time for me to plant some trees. I only need, say, thirty for bush infill. I wonder if anyone else is interested in an early planting to make my trip to the Strez nursery( if plants are available) more economic and time efficient.

I'm not in an urgent hurry, but would like to aim for about 2 weeks time to start..



The Blackspur Creek Wetland project update no 29 is now available to read

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(this image has nothing to do with the post - I just like it - thanks Sue!)

Come along and join the Major Road Projects Victoria project team for breakfast and take a walk along the new section of South Gippsland Highway in Koonwarra before it opens to traffic.

Meet the project team and explore the new road and bridges over the Tarwin River. The event will run between 10:15am and 12:00pm on Sunday 19 June.

You must register here to attend as spaces are limited.

Buses will pick up attendees at 9:30am from the Koonwarra Bus Turn Around area and take them to site.Please register to attend by Thursday 16 June.

Click here to register

Whole Farm Planning

During our recent field day at Westaway’s in early April (I seem to remember being wet at that day too), we discussed how Whole Farm Planning is vital when working out where to plant tree breaks and plantations.

We as a group do not have the resources to offer WFPs but I promised to find somewhere where you could do it.

Here it is. This course is free and online.

Email James Paulet here

Our newest project group meets twice a month

The Friends of the Meeniyan Rec Reserve Bushland had their first meeting late last month. Robert Rainbow is the group facilitator.

This meeting was very positive with a good group meeting at the Meeniyan Mens’ Shed. The group will meet regularly to work on weeding and restoring the Meeniyan Rec Reserve Bushland.

It was decided that the group would meet on the second Wednesday and last Sunday of the month.

So the next meetings are

Wednesday June 8th at 1.30 pm

Sunday 26 June at 10.00 am

The group is to meet at the Mens’ Shed at the Meeniyan Rec Reserve before moving into the bushland.

Please bring along gardening gloves, digging tools, secateurs and loppers, saws if you have them.

Go along to the next meeting to help restore a lovely piece of community infrastructure, learn about weeds and weed control and have fun with a great group.

Email Robert for more info

Need help with fencing?

2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants:

Following the success of the 2021 grants, and our continuing support of projects aligned with priority areas of conservation, grazing management and feral animal exclusion, Gallagher and Landcare Australia are proud to offer the 2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants.

Gallagher offers a full range of animal management products and integrated solutions, including a range of permanent and portable electric fencing.

A total pool of $132,000 (ex-GST) of support is available for up to 16 groups or individuals to receive a 2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grant. At least four grants will be provided specifically for farm dam restoration projects.

Eligible applicants are invited to apply for an individual electric fencing project grant valued at up to $8,000 (ex-GST) for fencing materials and cash to support projects – with costs to be determined in consultation with your local Gallagher Territory Manager.

Grant submissions close on 4 July 2022.

For more information visit:

More from SGLN’s soil biology project

Join SGLN on Monday 20 June 10-12, to hear how Stuart, Jacqui and Angus Tracy, dairy farmers from Waratah Bay are trialling some new approaches to improve soil biology.

Everyone is welcome, see the flyer for more info and please register here

REMINDER: have your say on the Victorian Landcare Gateway website by 14 June (tomorrow).

Landcare Victoria Inc. is surveying the Landcare community to gather information about how the Victorian Landcare Gateway website ( is being used and if there are any areas for improvement.

Your responses will assist the Victorian Landcare Program team at DELWP and Landcare Victoria to make a plan for the future of the website, as we want to ensure Landcare digital channels best meet the needs of our Landcare community.

The survey should take less than 5 minutes of your time and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Complete the survey here:

All things Carbon Farming

We are having a workshop!! As part of our Victorian Landcare Grant we will be holding our Regenerative Agriculture and Carbon farming workshop on Saturday October 15th. Put the date in your diaries now, with more info to follow next month.

We will be learning about the basics of regenerative agriculture. This should give participting landholders the tools necessary to take further action on their properties to increase outputs whilst maintaining environmental values. Using a whole of farm and integrated landscape approach, our landholders will be able to plan improvements that will sustain the ongoing productivity of their properties, and habitat for indigenous species.

Facilitated by Deane Belfield of Regenerative Australian Farmers, this workshop will be an opportunity for Landcare group members to increase their understanding of regenerative agriculture and carbon farming.

On the Sunday of the weekend we will be running a bus tour of several local properties to see what best practice farmers are doing to implement Regenerative Agricultural techniques.

This weekend is not to be missed.

In the interim check out this website - the Carbon Farming Foundation, and see what they offer. They have info, newsletters and free Q&A webinars.

CFF website link
Link to the gorse taskforce here

Bee Friendly Farming

Check out this website! There are also grants available for tree planting.

BFF Australia website link