Group membership update and grants

Hi everyone, as you maybe aware we are going to change the way we manage memberships.

West Gippsland CMA has invested the old Gippslandcare residual funds to provide all groups in West Gippsland with access to a membership portal to manage membership lists and take membership payments.

We thing this is a great initiative and will be using the portal from now on.

The portal has annual memberships which run over a calendar year. Previously we have had financial year memberships, and our three year membership expires at the end of this month - June 2022.

We will be moving our financial membership list to the new system (this is a manual cut-and-paste effort that might take a few days - or weeks if it stays sunny).

When I enter your details you will receive an email from the system to log in and create a password. Do this as soon as you can please, to get everything running smoothly. PLEASE FILL IN ALL YOUR DETAILS. I AM JUST GOING TO FILL IN THE BARE MINIMUM IN THE FIRST INSTANCE. Your membership will be automatically extended to the end of the year, to line up with portal membership year. There will be no more to pay until the end of the year. DON’T FORGET THAT MEMBERSHIP IS PER FAMILY SO PLEASE FILL IN YOUR PARTNERS (AND KIDS IF YOU LIKE) NAME. Download detailed instructions here if you need them.

NON-FINANCIAL ‘MEMBERS’. You will NOT be automatically added to the new system. You will have to join up manually if you wish to do so. The system will ask for payment, but you don’t have to, just chose one of the pay later options, I will mark you as paid. Because this is new to all of us, we will extend a period of 6mths free membership, until the end of the year, when the portal will send reminders to pay your dues. (we don’t know what they are yet as we set the membership payment at the AGM. Last year it was $15. This mainly pays our insurance bill for when you are doing Landcare activities) USE THE LINK VIA THE BUTTON BELOW to join/rejoin

Be reassured, that even though I can fiddle around in the back end of the system I cannot see your password or your credit card details. Credit card payments are made using Stripe, which uses the National Australia Bank to manage Australian transactions with all the security that entails.

BTW, you don’t have to join. If you just want to keep on being a friend and getting newsletters, then that is fine as well. We welcome your interest - and as long as you sign in to our activities, you are always welcome. But please note that if no one joins the group, it will cease to exist.

Lastly, of course you are welcome to pay the $5.00 - we can put it to good use with programs and activities and small tree grants- but its up to you :-)




Join /rejoin Landcare here

2022 Victorian Landcare Grant round

It is that time of year again. Once again we are calling for expressions of interest from people if you would like to do a Landcare project on your property. As we have to write the submission please do this as soon as you can. You can call me or Sue, or email.

We will probably apply for some funding to do some interesting activities, so if there is some training - or a particular speaker that you would like to hear from or some other training or activity please let us know.

Phone 0432 379 119 (Sue, Landcare group President)
Phone: 0419 382 379 (Jill, Landcare group Secretary)
Email: or just click reply to this email.

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