Welcome to our April newsletter

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the damp, I certainly am.

I hope you will excuse the late newsletter, however it has been a busy month with lots happening both Landcare wise and personally.

As many of you know,at the end of last year I retired from paid employment. Still a farmer, but now hardly any off farm work. This should in theory mean I have lots of time for other things, including you, the Landcare members. This has turned out to be less than the case. So we have an effective and active Landcare group, please consider helping out. Volunteering to be the membership secretary or the newsletter writer and sender will not only make my life 95% more joyful, but it will make the life of all of you less frustrating. (Sorry Roger and Merrilyn). Call any of Sue (0432 379 119), Coral (5664 2221) or Jill (0419 382 379) if you would like to help out. Along with the nuts and bolt secretary stuff that I am trying to give away, we also have to this year rewrite our Action Plan for the next 5 years (more on that later), continue with our Victorian Landcare Grant activities for this year - one more field day to go, wrangle with the ongoing (insert unhappy adjective) of the Gippsland Transport Environmental Grant we received in theory this February AND most importantly get together and do farm walks and bird monitoring. There is lots to do!

Our Revegetation field day that we held on April 2, was very successful. Thanks so much to Kathy and Brad for hosting us. Everyone is reminded that ALL the information is available on our website under the revegetation tab at the top of the page. or use this link

Cheers for now and see you Wednesday (tomorrow), happy Landcaring from Jill, Sue, Coral and Kate.

Photo - NTVLC revegetation workshop attendees

Our five year Action Plan

Forward planning. We need to do it, but luckily it only happens every 5 years (with an annual review at the AGM).

As a local group we do not need a strategic plan, however we do need to discuss our priorities as a group and list the things that are important to us. This focuses our energy and also lets other stakeholders and funders know what we are working towards and our group priorities. It also means people who may want to join us have a good idea about our direction and what we are on about.

Here is a link to our current Action Plan.

Each year the Group committee reports to the members about how well we fulfilled our obligations to you. Last year’s report is here .

Now it may well be that our previous plan is still relevant to us and with just a little bit of tweeking will be fit for purpose for another 5 years.

NTVLC’s objectives are:
1. To promote and implement projects addressing priority natural resource management issues
2. To communicate and educate – community capacity building in natural resource management
3. To foster community partnerships
4. To maintain the NTVLC membership and the viability of the Landcare Group
5. To make sure all members of the community have access to the Landcare Group

But it also maybe that you feel there is something that we should be doing differently or with another focus. The executive of the group firmly believes our Landcare group is a ‘bottom up’ organisation with the group directing our focus and where our resources should be allocated.

So. To make this happen we will need input. Planning meetings are about as boring as they come, so lets zhuzh it up a bit. We will do a survey first and ask members to say what they want.

Then we can meet somewhere that has local food and drink and spend a productive very short time turning twenty something wish lists into a plan. With wine.

Of course this requires the membership to actually contribute to the discussion. So please, put your thinking caps/cloaks/sequined dresses on and think about why you are a member and what you want from Landcare.

In a week or so - or maybe a month, we will send out an interactive document and ask you to spend a few minutes filling it in and sending it back. Then we will discuss the results and put it into a shiny new plan which will go to the AGM for confirmation by the members. Simples.

Bird Monitoring tomorrow arvo @4.00pm

Bird monitoring meet at the sign on the Rail Trail at the Black Spur Creek bridge. Dress for the weather and bring your binoculars and or camera if you have them.

Proper directions are on the web page link

The wetland was dry last month, it will be interesting to see if this rain has impacted that.

Photo, King parrot watching me watching him.

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