Our Apple tree wetlands restoration works are happening!

With funds in the bank our wetland restoration work has officially begun.

We met on site today with Debbie, the Senior Project Engineer from Major Road Projects Victoria and Mark, the Bass Coast Landcare and our works crew foreperson. Organising access to the project area and making sure it a possible to safely enter the wetlands from the existing Sth Gippy Highway is a priority and this is well in hand.

Just after the time we are using the new bit of road at the Minns road end of the roadworks (so middle of next month) we will have a access track down to the river from road. This involves removing pittosporum and spraying broom plants. The willows are also living on borrowed time, which is good news.

We will be growing the revegetation plants from seed collected locally- in or close to the project area, working with the Bass Coast community nursery to achieve this. If you want to be involved, let us know. Below are two photos taken this morning of the works area. In the lower shot, just imaging the broom and pittosporum out and eucalypts back in, and the willow and blackberry gone as well. We will plant carefully to maintain the integrity of the area and preserve the sight lines down to the river.

Today, I googled Tarwin River no 2 trestle and found this Mailchimp is being a bit difficult about sharing this link, but if you look at the photos you can see that the eucalyptus are slowly dying out at this site. In fact we lost another one just this year. The photos on this blog were taken in 2015. It is definitely time for some restorative action.

We are on our way, Hurray!

Birding this Wednesday

We will be bird monitoring this Wednesday. The apple tree wetlands is one of our public bird monitoring sites, and one of the things we will have to be careful of is to try and preserve cover for the birds whilst we replace all the weed species with good stuff. One of the ways we will do that is to leave the weeds in place even though we have killed them. By the time they break down, hopefully the new stuff will have enough size on it to provide habitat. Its going to look a bit ugly for a while, but in a few years time it should be awesome!

Birders meet at the sign on the rail trail at the Black Spur creek bridge at 4.00 o,clock Pm.

Friends of the Meeniyan Recreation Reserve Bicentennial trail or…FMRRBT

I have to say in my own mind this mouthful of a group name has become the Friends of the Meeniyan Rabbit - the Rabbitos? - anyhow, this group has being proposed by Meeniyan locals, Robert Rainbow and Fay Sinclair. As group goals and aspirations sit very much in the Landcare ethos, we are joining together to get this project up and running.

The Meeniyan bicentennial trail has become overgrown and a bit weedy in spots. It could use some work and a management strategy and plan is the first step. Robert has a vision of a community led working group to restore the trail and add nest and bat boxes, audit the birds and animals (including potential bandicoot habitat) and generally spruce it up to be the community asset it once was.

Want to get involved?

There will be a first meeting of friends held at the Meeniyan Mens’ Shed on Friday the 27th of May at 3.30pm. The Mens’ Shed is in the Rec Reserve. For more info email Robert at

Click to contact Robert

Regenerative agriculture for small properties

Join the Bass Coast Landcare Network for this workshop.

Do you have a small property and want to transition to a regenerative agricultural management regime? Do you need more guidance on how to start your regenerative agricultural journey?

Join us for this exciting workshop where you will find out more about planning for your regenerative agriculture small property and identifying property constraints using Permaculture principles.
Discussion includes:

  • Understanding your soils

  • Securing your water needs

  • Composting and zero waste

  • Animals on small properties (some do’s and don’ts)

Event Details
Date and time: Saturday 18th June 10.00 am to 2.30 pm.
RSVP and further information: Email RSVP by Wednesday 15th June. Book early as places are limited.
Venue: Bass Hall and river garden.

See for deets.

And lastly, we are coming along with planning for our planning meeting more on this soon.