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Bunk Books is a new publishing imprint affiliated with Book Bunk Trust, focused on the production of stories by African writers, illustrators, animators and other content producers both as digital and print editions combining new art and writing, for children and adults.

Bunk Books will draw on the editorial expertise of the founders of the Trust, benefitting from the marketplace of virtual and physical libraries the Trust is restoring and / establishing while building new audiences via innovative approaches to form and community publishing. Book Bunk's founders have been working in Kenya and the region's public media and creative expression space for the past decade, directing initiatives from archiving African poetry to indigenous publishing. This new imprint aims to add to the choice and orientation of stories for and about children and young adults by asking what we consider to be a fundamental question of our experience; how has Africa been experienced and how is this depicted to children, young people and adults? 

We introduce two flagship publications for two market segments; children and adult readers. We aim to develop new narratives and new ways of experiencing them, with multimedia production at the core of a publishing model that will build immersive experiences and consumption channels. The imprint will launch with print and digital editions of stories disseminated online and in physical spaces across East Africa from July 2020. 

How has Africa been experienced and how does literature depict this to children, young people and adults? 

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What is Bunk Books?

Bunk Books is a publishing imprint under Book Bunk Limited (BBL), an affiliate of Book Bunk Trust (BBT). The Trust’s founders are intentional about supplementing the Non-Profit mothership with sources of earned income for the Trust’s work, centred on social impact. In a nutshell, part of any profits made from Book Bunk Limited’s work will be channelled towards support for Book Bunk Trust’s work on libraries. BBL is funded by private investors.

What do you publish?

Bunk Books will focus on the production of stories by contemporary African writers and illustrators, animators and other content producers both as digital and print editions combining new art and writing, for children and young adults. 

What else does the company do? 

BBL will exist in the larger creative economy ecosystem that our overall work speaks to. This will include publishing, a literary festival synonymous with the city of Nairobi and in the long term, a creative writing initiative focused on bridging the creative arts curriculum gap. 

What kind of writers are you looking to publish?
Are you accepting submissions? 

We are brand new and in the pilot phase of things! We have recently acquired our first two titles, and would like to put those through the entire publishing process and learn our lessons before we can do it all over again. Please follow our social media platforms to keep up with this new and exciting venture! 

What do you need? 

Connect with us! Buy our books, gift them to public libraries, follow us on social media, engage with our content, attend our events and send us your feedback! We’re also keen to collaborate with content creators, animators, illustrators and other visual artists to explore various forms of storytelling. If you are interested in or know someone who is, please get in touch with us via 

Why should I buy a Bunk Books title?

When you purchase a title published by Bunk Books, you: put money in a writer’s pocket, contribute to the restoration of Nairobi’s libraries and support a small, new venture! You also contribute to the reforestation of Kenya’s cities and towns; each year, we will offset the carbon footprint of producing, marketing and distributing titles by planting ‘offset forests’ in the areas that need them the most. 
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