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For MerMay, I'm writing a MFM story with pirates, mermen, and tense action.

Joanna Caballero is forced from her home in the Caribbean to be wed against her wishes. When pirates attack her ship, she uses the opportunity to escape but falls overboard and her life changes in an instant. Rescued by two strange and handsome men from the sea, can she trust them to not kill her or more. Will they be an answer to a life she never dreamed possible?
Read a preview of the story and get to know the two mermen before it launches September 30th.
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He's the star performer in their exhibition, he just doesn't know it yet.

Chemistry professor, Jason Lorye, needs a place to heal his broken heart, and Mallhaven University seems the perfect fit. In his first week, he witnesses so many inexplicable things that he starts investigating the University's past.

When Samantha Smith meets the new chemistry professor, she knows he's perfect for her. 
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Charlotte’s Search - Box Set One

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When You Marry Two Men, What Happens Next?

As Charlotte’s wedding day approaches, will her marriage to one of her Masters affect her relationship with the other?
While her old enemy languishes in prison, has he forgotten her?
And as Charlotte searches for the mother she never knew, will the past return to reveal its secrets?
A BDSM Ménage Romance and Thriller
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Modern day New York, unrequited love, and one chance to go all in.

Childhood ex-lovers Sebastian and Lillian have been separated since they were teenagers. 
After more than a decade, they find themselves coincidentally back in the same city. 
Lillian is with someone new—the sexist heart throb this life has to offer, Ash Bennet, lead singer of Dreams of Compass Gods and every girl’s mad desire. 
Sebastian is forced to watch from the sidelines, doing what he can to move on. 
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All she wanted was a quiet life…

Ria is a magnet for trouble. She’s on the run, living a secret life. She’s being blackmailed by an asshole.
And she’s pretty certain the newest Dom at Club Indulgence is a thief, a private investigator or a cop.
She’s not sure which is worse. And that is exactly why she should stay away from him. Too bad he’s an irresistible blend of geeky and alpha, gentle and stern, hot and hotter.
Yep, trouble just follows her around.

He was the perfect undercover operative…
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Can love bring the Pack, Pride and Clan together to fight the coming Vampire attack? Or will they destroy each other before the battle begins?
Will forbidden love triumph over old vendettas?

Howl And Growl
Can tabooed love find a way?
Amara:I can’t believe this big arrogant wolf has ventured into Pride territory.
How dare he? Why is he here?
He crossed paths with the wrong Cougar.
Even if he is all kinds of sexy in human form.
I wanted to kill him…
…now I want to love him.
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They came without warning.
Earth was theirs virtually overnight.
The human population lives under their thumb.
Fighting is useless, but my father tried anyway.
Now he's gone.
I've join their defense force in hopes of finding my father.
People believe I'm a traitor to my species, a collaborator.
Given the feelings I'm developing for one of the aliens, they might be right.
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