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I'm embroiled in working on a new book that came to me like a bolt of lightning. (Sorry Fallen Cupid and Sexy Assassin's Creed ideas, you have to wait). It doesn't have a title yet, but I'm calling it Pride & Prejudice & Snow.

Beth Cho is a reporter given the task of trying to get ex-teen heartthrob musician Tristan Harty to open up. The two start off on every wrong foot, planning to flee, when a snowstorm traps them together in a cabin. Alone.

If you want to read a super secret sneak peek of the two first meeting, I have an excerpt on my blog.

Want to escape into a delightful book fair?

Was there anything better than the days of the Scholastic Book Fair? So many books, so many new worlds, so many new friends to meet. Relive those days of promise with this Romance Book Fair where every book's on sale or free.

His To Claim
When Serafine Hardy’s best friend tells her all about the hot new club that lets humans and shifters mingle she thinks her friend has lost her mind. As a person who doesn’t believe in the paranormal she thinks her friend has bought into one folklore too many. Still, she feels a thrill at the possibility of an encounter with a hot guy. And what better way to get back to get over her sexual drought than with a ruggedly sexy man?
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Lucky Mix Up

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but I guarantee you won’t want to leave the Sullivan brothers behind once you meet them on the pages of the Lucky in Love series. And it all starts here with Braden and Scarlet’s unforgettably sweet, sexy, over-the-top romance!
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Bryna Gilchrist thought that her worst day was leaving Ireland and denouncing her Catholic faith until the town of Salem, Massachusetts accused her husband Brody of Witchcraft.

To make matters worse, Bryna finds she will have to hide her custom practices of herbal remedies when Brody falls ill. Will she be able to save her husband from persecution and certain death?
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They were like two hurricanes, touching down on the same shore.

Amir is a rising slam poet who wants to make it big. While he works a day job at a café, he writes poems like his life depends on it and performs at a local poetry slam every week.

But then Landon comes to a slam, and he’s not impressed by Amir. When he joins the slam team, he jeopardizes Amir’s chance to go to Nationals, all Amir’s been dreaming about for the past year. He vows to show Landon that he is the better poet.
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Xavier Hardy is a man from a humble beginning, working a nine to five, while paying off debt and taking care of his family. Falling for his best friends sister wasn’t in the cards. He knows what he wants, and right now, he wants Chelsey, the curvaceoues beauty he can’t get out of his head. Now if only he could convince her to explore her desires and give into temptation.

If lust takes over, this once off-limits relationship could spiral out of control. Are they ready to test the boundaries and enjoy the ride? 

Warning: Short Story, Adult language, not a fuffy romance, fast paced, explicit sex scenes, with a HFN.
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I found her in an airport.

Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and legs that went on for centuries,
With a nasty attitude that would have rivaled Godzilla’s.
But…something beneath that bitchy exterior,
That take no prisoners façade she carried around with her,
Was a gem in a haystack.

Something inside my head shouted,
‘She is the one.’
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He is raw from scandal; she’s searching for safety. Can they heal each other’s wounds?

Hunter Crawford has fallen from grace. The brilliant astronaut returns to Earth to find his wife gone and his research program canceled. In a total break from his stoic persona, Hunter flips, and winds up hiding from the media frenzy in his hometown.

Confluence is the first book of the Oak Creek series. If you like small-town characters, hilarious antics, and scorching hot love scenes, then you’ll devour this sizzling next-door romance by Lainey Davis. Buy Confluence today and fall in love with Oak Creek.
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After a steamy night with the billionaire founder of her rehab institute, city slicker Clover Vos expects a gourmet breakfast in bed.

Instead, she finds herself naked in an overgrown forest, an unwilling participant in a twisted game.

All she has to do is follow the rules. If she wins, she'll be free.

But Clover's never been one to bow to authority, even with her life at stake
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