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Jess is the unluckiest woman in the world. Nothing in her world every goes right. So, when a tree crashes through her bedroom window, she’s unsurprised until a drop-dead gorgeous Irishman sticks his head inside. In this steamy novella, Jess finds herself falling harder and harder for this man who her best friend swears is a leprechaun.

Will Jess finally get lucky?

Previously published in Lucky Between The Sheets but with a NEW steamy shower scene.

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Coming soon, the sixth book in the Haberdashers series - Pheme's Regret! 

Can the darkest of betrayals ever be forgiven?

Miriam Valentine is known as Lady Spencer among the ton. A charming young widow with a string of admirers. In the London papers she is only known by the initials L.D. The signature given to all the best, and worst, gossip from Town. But she has been harboring her own secrets and will need the Haberdashers to accompany her on a trip to France to retrieve her illegitimate daughter.

Nicholas Baudin has everything in his life precisely as he likes it. Some might find his persnickety ways annoying, but when you've had your entire life upended by lies and speculation you prefer routine. That is part of why he enjoys practicing the law. Until a woman from London, his former home, comes to him with an unusual case, and everything he has been trying to forget comes crashing back.
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Catch up on the series starting with the first book Trials of Artemis, free on Kindle.
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A woman's power can be accessed at any time, through various means. But, what if her power is magic?

The Numina, the esteemed guardians of the Earth, are alive and well. Their leader, the Keeper of Time and Records, version 5.1.1, knows all the secrets and mysteries, save one—what will happen to the world if the light bearers don’t come into their own?

And one potential light bearer holds the key—Marissa Engles.

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by Art of the Arcane
Check out this bundle of free romances from sweet to steamy at Art of the Arcane available until June 24th.
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The professor had a reputation
He was demanding. Controlling. A perfectionist.
She was about to learn a tough lesson…

You will love this quick, steamy read with a fierce alpha, an outspoken heroine, a little pain, and a lot of lip.

This book is a standalone story in the Deep Desires collection.
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The Cardinal rule for Knights is never fall for a client. But in a business were rules are meant to be broken, how can he resist... This emotionally gripping, steamy romance starts the Knights of Texas series with the introduction of the real purpose behind these exceptionally gifted men. If you're looking for heat, tear-jerking romance, and take-your-breath-away love, click now!
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It begins with the breaking of a gentle monster.

A medium cannot kill. A medium must not kill. And a medium should never become a vampire.

Lenny played human, kept his head down, never took a life, until Sebastian came. Torn away from his comfortable life, he is plunged into an endless night of manipulation, death, and blood. The only light in the dark is Kim, a young wizard tasked with destroying Sebastian. She is determined to save Lenny from the monster controlling him, but the monster growing inside him will be harder to kill.

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Debut Author

Johannesburg… City of Gold. City of Love? 

Adam Cooper can’t do relationships, and has two failed engagements to prove it. His work as a lawyer, a shark in the courtroom, brings out a side of him that women don’t like or understand.
With his last breakup, he was left so disillusioned he not only swore off relationships but even took an extended break from the work he loves.

And then Holly Monroe, arrives in Johannesburg.
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Andi Roswell never wanted to be a rock star. After being accidentally discovered performing drunken karaoke, the Goth girl's life will never be the same. She's now the frontwoman for the heavy metal band Absolution, and is dating the sexy director Leo Black.

Jack Prince is the singer of the classic Goth band Babybat. When Babybat plays the same music festival as Absolution, he and Andi meet and become unlikely friends.
But their lives aren't destined to run smoothly, and when they both find themselves in emotional distress, they only people they have to turn to are each other.
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