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Despite it being hotter than the gates of hell outside, I've been working on a short Valentine's Day story. M/M with lots of romcom elements and a hero who's both an artist and works in a flower shop.
Here's a little sneak peek of Special Delivery:

I dropped to the floor behind the counter as a tinny bell jangled through the small shop. The reason for my panic strolled in out of my sweaty, highly awkward teenage memories to fondle the begonias. Probably. I could only take a quick peek through baskets of scissors to savor the pressed navy trousers cupping his legs.

Tan Nguyen, the hottest guy to ever attend Carmel Cove high school in two hundred years strolled into the tiny flower shop where I worked. Just walked right in as if the sight of his chiseled, sky-high cheekbones weren’t guaranteed to give me an instant heart attack. And if that didn’t finish me off, those rich chocolate eyes sweeping across mine would be a double brain aneurysm with strawberries on top.

“Excuse me…?”

Oh shit, that voice. How did I forget that voice? Full bodied like a cello back when he was star of the track team and I changed in the showers so no one would see my skinny legs. Now, age gave him a delectable gravel that hummed with an electric spark I wanted to feel strike every nerve of my body. Which would probably be another death at his hands...

Look for Special Delivery February 2020

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In theory, moving halfway across the country to pursue your acting dream makes sense. But in reality, you’ll probably end up broke and working in a strip club owned by the city’s wealthiest man.

Suddenly losing her job puts Devin at risk of never realizing her dream of becoming an actress. So, when she overhears two women talking about a lucrative job offer, she does what any go-getter would do. She busts out her lucite heels and makes sure the job is hers.

The catch? The job is “waitressing” at Las Vegas’ most popular strip club, and as she finds out during the interview, her new boss is the most powerful, domineering and sexy-as-sin man in the entire city—Aaron Daniels. It’s only seven months, right?

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From the moment we met, I despised Leah as much as she hated me. It only made matters worse when my mother became involved with her father. So, ten years ago, I moved away. But when I come back for the big anniversary party, the rivalry has disappeared and we're being congratulated for putting aside our differences. What they don't know is that if I get my way, tonight we'll be sharing a room…
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I was looking for a new home and an escape from my possessive ex. Somehow, I ended up fake engaged to a sexy fireman that makes me burn for him. Yikes!

I spent one magical night dancing under the stars with Roger.
Why can’t I get him out of my head, even months later?
Is it because of the sweet, attentive way he treated me? Or maybe the way his sculpted body felt pressed against my own?
All I know is that I’m newly single and heading to Springvale to work for the enigmatic Rose Callahan.
And Rose has big plans for me and Roger.
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Her dreams destroyed. Her heart unclaimed.

Stuck in a dead-end job and approaching her thirties, Evelyn Pruitt has lost all hope. When she books an impromptu trip to Jamaica, she doesn’t expect that one decision will change her life forever.

Constantly battling insecurities from a past that haunts her, Evelyn encounters Andre Kane—a seemingly perfect manifestation of her innermost desires. But her heart is shattered and she is on a downward spiral. Will Andre be willing to pick up the pieces?
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