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Hi, Ellen Mint here with some great offers including spicy new releases and a ton of free offers to keep you warm on these wintery nights.

Survive the winter chill with 20+ free romance novels ranging from clean to extra spicy. There's something for everyone in this amazing group giveaway.
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Seductive Temptation
Seductive Temptation is a limited edition collection of new, sexy BWWM romances, that will ignite your senses, and stimulate your deepest desires. Be prepared to be enamored with romantic tales that will leave you craving for more. This compilation is filled with alpha males and the bronze beauties they love.
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A History In Paris
They say that Paris is the city of love. For Kenneth Delos, the ex-mayor of London, it's something else; the city of his love, the city of his youth, the city of his heartbreak. Paris is the city that holds his deepest, darkest secrets. It's the place where he first fell in and out of love. It's the place where Michelle Spencer left him and their children. It's the city of his past, and it holds a history that won't stay buried. Now years after his time in Paris, Kenneth and Michelle tell their children of their history in Paris.
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No Quarter Given
When Antoine Zellyk rolled into town and purchased a football team, he also bought out the company where I was interning so he could tear down the building to make way for a new stadium. All the employees were relocated. All the interns (all one of them) were out of work. So I let the tall, dark and loathsome man know how I felt before storming out the building. When he sent me a job offer six weeks later, I was understandably hesitant to accept.
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Passion in Paris
When faced with a stale marriage, a tall dark stranger, and the chance to move on… Alma knew she had to take the opportunity.

Afterall, was it not a sign from God that the love of her life was waiting there--- on the other side of the world, ready to gobble her up, just as her husband turned out to be a cheating liar?

Innocent Tears
Becoming a parent can be daunting at the best of times, but for Flynn McCormack, a business lawyer in Melbourne, it pulls the feet right out from underneath him. He's become a father to six-year-old Nadine literally overnight. He didn't know about her existence, and the news throws him into chaos, even more so when he is asked to take over custody.
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Jonathan Estes could have just went home for Thanksgiving weekend. Instead he stayed behind to enjoy the solitude of campus. When his roommate and crush, Jake Kettleman decides to stay too, Jon starts to fantasize about what the holiday could bring.
Jon knows Jake could have any girl he wants. But on Thanksgiving weekend Jake gets something more than a girl, he gets his kinky dorm buddy.
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