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Gold Standard are pleased to continue to share updates and resources on Article 6 throughout 2023. Our objective is to encourage informative discussions and further the progress towards the implementation of Article 6, and to enable Gold Standard users and partners to move early in its adoption - through webinars, guides, forums and more.  
This edition includes the details of our Article 6 webinars planned for the coming months, a new Article 6 Glossary, and other related news.

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Article 6 webinar series 2023

Following high attendance rates and very positive feedback to our webinars series to date, we are continuing to run Gold Standard’s Article 6 webinar series in 2023. The series is designed to enable participants to better understand some of the key trends and matters for Article 6 operationalisation, hearing directly from global experts.

Below, you can register for the first webinar of this year’s series. If you would like to watch the recorded webinars from 2022, you can view the library here.


Pioneering under Article 6: New models to scale up finance and integrity through international cooperation

23 Feb 2023
16:00 CET

The rulebook adopted by governments at COP26 and COP27 provides the canvas for governments and the private sector to cooperate and invest under Article 6. It is though the brushstrokes that actors apply over the next few years which will define Article 6’s success. This webinar will bring together experts working on pioneering ways to use and support the use of Article 6 to deliver higher levels of investment, ambition, and integrity.

Hugh SalwaySenior Director – Market Developments and Partnerships

Ely Sandler, Researcher, Harvard University
Sherif Ayoub, Senior Director - Finance and Operations/Chief Financial and Operating Officer, SEforALL


Gold Standard Article 6 Glossary

We have developed a comprehensive glossary for carbon market partners and stakeholders, to aid understanding of key terms and concepts included under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. 
The glossary is available in English and in Spanish, and was prepared to support our Pacific Alliance Programme, funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).


Memorandum of Understand between Panama and Gold Standard

Panama officially launched their national carbon market on January 13 2023, following agreement to an MoU between Gold Standard and the Ministry of the Environment of Panama. During the launch event, the below words were shared on behalf of Gold Standard:
“We welcome Panama’s decision to launch its national carbon market. This is a significant opportunity to guide a sustainable, inclusive, low-emission, resilient, and cost-efficient economic development in a manner that is measurable, reportable and verifiable. The decision highlights Panama’s commitment to its climate goals and cooperation under the Paris Agreement. It supports their aim to become a carbon negative country, as announced in their latest Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCC, following a national voluntary program for carbon and water footprint management involving public, private and civil society organisations.” 

“The Ministry of Environment of Panama (MiAMBIENTE) and Gold Standard signed an agreement in November 2022, on a low emissions and resilient socio-economic development, opening new avenues for strategic cooperation and further development of Panama’s national carbon market. Gold Standard looks forward to working together with Panama to support its objectives via a host of efforts, including technical training, selection of methodologies, and exploring interoperability between the Panama and Gold Standard registries. Leveraging Gold Standard methodologies and principles – including for solar, biogas, cookstoves and smallholder dairy - will deliver quantified, verified contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with tangible benefits where projects take place."


Ghana - Switzerland Article 6 Authorisation

At COP27, Ghana announced a first-of-its-kind authorisation for transfer of mitigation outcomes to Switzerland, under a 1 million metric ton CO2 climate-smart rice project. This followed the cooperation agreement to implement the Paris Agreement between Ghana and Switzerland, signed in 2020. Ghana formalised this by officially presenting an authorisation statement to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the authorised actor who facilitated the cooperation agreement. The cooperation agreement enables public and private entities to collaborate on climate change mitigation projects and activities in Ghana, and further, sell carbon credits to Switzerland from where the revenue flows back into these investments. This project has been validated and mentioned in Switzerland’s preliminary initial report to the UNFCCC. To facilitate this, Ghana released its domestic framework on international carbon markets and non-market approaches, where it makes provisions to support this authorisation process.


Free Online Article 6 Training

The United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are offering a free self-paced online course "Operationalizing Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement: Achieving ambitious climate action through cooperative approaches".

The training is open to the public and will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to become more informed on Article 6. Hugh Salway, Senior Director – Market Developments and Partnerships at Gold Standard, contributed to the course material.
Access to the training opens on February 6.


The technical support, capacity-building and knowledge sharing platform, and the Article 6 webinar series outlined in this communication are made possible thanks to funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

The Article 6 glossary shared in this newsletter is possible thanks to funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and input from Francisco Pinto.


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