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Scheduled Maintenance

We are pleased to confirm that the Gold Standard Impact Registry scheduled maintenance has now been completed, and you should have been able to log back into your accounts from 9pm CET on 27/09/22. If you experience problems loading the registry page, it may be necessary to perform a cache refresh of the Gold Standard Impact Registry webpage. Instructions on doing so can be found here.

If you have any issues, please email


New ‘Using Entity’ feature

In preparation for accommodating the requirements of Article 6 in the registry, we have developed functionality to set the retirement attribution by recording a ‘Using Entity’. This functionality is in addition to the current practice of entering an optional retirement note, and has been introduced to enable and support disclosure of credit use by entities in a more user-friendly manner.

When retiring credits for a Using Entity for the first time, the retirement will be reviewed by a Gold Standard registry administrator. This is to ensure data consistency, for example “Smith Energy, LLC” as opposed to “Smith Energy LLC”. If a registry administrator requires any clarification about the Using Entity, they shall reach out to the user who initiated the retirement. It is optional whether the Using Entity is entered but, if it is added to the retirement dialogue, it will be published. The publication of the optional note can still be determined by the account holder. Please see the screenshots below for a step by step example. 

After a Using Entity name has been approved, it will subsequently be possible for all account holders to search for and select that Using Entity in the retirement attribution box.

If you would like to retire credits for use under CORSIA, whether for your organisation or a third party, please contact the Gold Standard Registry team via, and they shall create an Airline Operator with added functionality to retire eligible credits for use under CORSIA.

We will communicate further impact registry changes in relation to Article 6 in the coming months.

Kind regards, 
Gold Standard Impact Registry Team





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