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Dear colleagues,

My name is Martha Djourdjin, I'm the new Assurance Manager for the Gold Standard Foundation and the contact person for the community of Gold Standard Validation/Verification Bodies worldwide. 

Following our recent email communication about the Site Visit and Remote Audit Requirements Consultation, we are reaching out to our VVB community to seek your thoughts and feedback on these new requirements and guidelines.

If you or one of your colleagues would like to set up a call with me to discuss this consultation in more detail or to provide any other insights, email

You’re also welcome to submit feedback online via this form:



Site Visit and Remote Audit Requirements

The global pandemic has taught us all to be more flexible and creative with the use of technology. Learning from recent experience, Gold Standard has developed new requirements and guidelines for site visits and remote auditing techniques to help maintain integrity of the assurance process while streamlining processes and reducing travel and its associated climate impact where it is not explicitly needed. 
The consultation consists of the Site Visit Remote Audit Requirements v.0.9, which outline the minimum requirements for physical site visits, a series of safeguards to ensure that remote audit techniques deliver the same or better quality, and a template to report on the Audit Techniques.
The requirements and the corresponding audit template apply to all audits for standalone energy projects. These requirements will be expanded for Programme of Activities (PoAs) and Land Use and Forests projects in the coming months. 
We welcome your insights on these new requirements and the template through to COB 15 September 2021 as well as ongoing feedback after each audit through the Audit Techniques Template (Annex 3).


VVB Approval Status Update

Gold Standard acknowledges a backlog of Validation/Verification Body applications, therefore, hereby clarifies that VVBs may continue to perform validation and verification services even after expiry of Gold Standard VVB Approval as long as: 

  • VVBs have applied for approval before 30 September 2021 
  • VVBs hold valid accreditation from UNFCCC/ANSI/ASI until at least 01 January 2022
  • Any new contracts for validation/verification services are signed before 30 September 2021
  • Validation and verification reports are submitted before 31 December 2021 to be considered valid for design/performance certification
We have published this note on our website for reference and to provide clarification for your clients. 

For any further questions or clarifications, email

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