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Building on nearly two decades of experience ensuring environmental integrity and sustainable development in carbon markets, Gold Standard is now applying these quality principles to sustainable finance, providing impact investors -- including philanthropic foundations, corporates, development agencies, governments, or pension funds -- with best practice tools to manage, measure, and maximise impact toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In collaboration with an expert Working Group and built on approaches developed by OECD for Impact Fund Compliance, IFC Compliance, SDG Impact, and others, we have developed Fund Requirements for Certification to Gold Standard for the Global Goals. These new process-centric Requirements guide fund managers and investors in designing funds, implementing investment decisions, and measuring impact for credible, certified impact statements and claims.

The goal for the global community is to scale finance beyond project-level activities to the fund or portfolio level to help close an estimated annual at $2.5 trillion funding gap for the SDGs in developing countries alone*. For investors, this approach helps ensure their funds deliver real, measurable, verified outcomes while also future-proofing their long-term strategies with sustainable, secure investment.


CONSULTATION: Fund Requirements for Certification

Gold Standard is seeking public input on these Requirements to ensure their integrity, quality, and practicality.

The Feedback Form linked below sets out the draft Requirements in sections and invites comments in response to specific questions. You may save your responses if you cannot complete the survey in one sitting. The consultation is open until 31 March 2022. 


During the consultation period, Gold Standard and partners will work on defining the third-party auditing and assurance process and will develop guidance materials to further support the application of these Requirements. 

Once the consultation period closes, we will review inputs, finalise Requirements and begin piloting these requirements and the assurance process. Outcomes from the piloting phase will also further inform amendments and eventual integration into our core standard Gold Standard for The Global Goals.

If you are interested in participating in the pilot process, please contact us.

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