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We are pleased to share the latest updates and resources from our work to support the implementation of Article 6 and to enable Gold Standard users and partners to move early in its adoption.
This edition includes the details of the next webinar in the Article 6 series, the upcoming release of reports on Article 6 Country Preparedness and Article 6 Piloting, as well as the latest external developments.   

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Article 6 webinar series 2023

Below, you can register for the second webinar of this year’s series. If you would like to watch the recorded webinars from 2022, you can view the library here.


First Eighteen Months: Reflections and Experience from Initial Efforts to Implement Article 6

9 May 2023
16:00 CET

Following the adoption of Article 6 rules at COP26, Gold Standard and partners - with funding from the German Government - have supported early efforts to implement Article 6 through piloting, knowledge-sharing among project developers, and mapping the state of Article 6 preparations in major markets across the world.

In this webinar, we will hear reflections and experiences from experts involved in this work, identifying lessons and recommendations to inform future implementation.

Kavya BajajGovernment Relations Manager 

Marc André Marr, Senior Consultant, Perspectives Climate Group
David Hynes, Advisor, Adelphi
Florian Eickhold, Senior Consultant, New Carbon Market and Climate Finance Platform (NCMP)


Pioneering under Article 6: New models to scale up finance and integrity through international cooperation

In February, Gold Standard held a webinar which brought together experts working on pioneering ways to use and support the use of Article 6 to deliver higher levels of investment, ambition, and integrity.

Our guest speakers shared some interesting insights from their work and research, all directed towards the goals of higher investment and integrity under Article 6.

RECORDED 23 February 2023


World Bank Workshop in Rwanda

Last month, Gold Standard's Government Relations Manager, Kavya Bajaj joined a panel at the World Bank's Partnership for Market Implementation Facility (PMIF) Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda.
During the panel discussion, she spoke on the need for reconciling the different types of carbon markets accessible to host countries, particularly voluntary carbon markets and the market mechanism under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
Kavya highlighted that the choice for host countries was not amongst the different types of markets, but between attracting finance using these markets to achieve their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) or going beyond their targets.


Article 6 Country Preparedness Report

Gold Standard is working with Adelphi to produce an Article 6 preparedness report which, for the first time globally, will map the state of preparations for the implementation of Article 6 in 20 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The report is intended as a resource for project developers, investors and other actors to understand the level of readiness for Article 6 in major markets, as well as to provide helpful information and case studies.

The report will be published in May 2023.

Article 6 Piloting Report

Authorisation is a key step for enabling cooperation involving ITMOs (Internationally Transformed Mitigation Outcomes) under Article 6.2 – it turns mitigation outcomes into ITMOs. However, there has been very limited practical experience on the authorization process. Under the Gold Standard’s Article 6 Early Movers Programme, Perspectives Climate Group GmbH has supported activity developers in the process of preparing for authorisations under Article 6.2. The support included identifying and engaging with specific case studies (including cookstove activities in Rwanda and Ghana, and a household biogas activity in Nepal), and sharing knowledge of the practical application of the Article 6.2 guidance on authorisation. This report will highlight key lessons and best-practice actions identified through the case studies, and will also be published in May 2023.


Article 6 Training Course

In February 2023, a new training course on the operationalisation of Article 6.2 was made available for all users globally, at no charge. The course, organised by UNDP in collaboration with UNFCCC and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), includes multiple activities and lessons to equip participant for the implementation of Article 6. Gold Standard was pleased to contribute to the development of the course.

Second Article 6 Authorisation

Also in February, the Governments of Thailand and Switzerland authorised ITMOs (Internationally Transformed Mitigation Outcomes) from a climate protection programme that will reduce emissions and air pollution in the greater Bangkok Metropolitan Area, through the introduction of electric vehicles in privately operated public transport. This was the first example of an Article 6 authorisation in Asia, and the second worldwide after an authorisation by Ghana and Switzerland in November 2023.


The technical support, capacity-building and knowledge sharing platform, and the Article 6 webinar series outlined in this communication are made possible thanks to funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).


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