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We’re pleased to share the latest round-up of updates and resources from our work to support the implementation of Article 6 and to enable Gold Standard users and partners to move early in its adoption.

This edition includes a new guidance document on impact registry functionality related to carbon credits issued under Article 6, a paper co-authored with EY Law on carbon credit rights under the Paris Agreement, Article 6 related COP27 events, and the next webinar in the Article 6 Series.

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New Guidance Document on Registry Functionality

Gold Standard has introduced new functionality into its Impact Registry, which will enable its carbon credits to be labelled as authorised and correspondingly adjusted under Article 6. This is an important milestone, which will enable project developers, buyers and other users to distinguish Article 6-authorised credits in the registry, as well as underpinning the transparent and robust implementation of Article 6.

We have published a guidance document for account holders and viewers of the Gold Standard Impact Registry, to provide more information on the use of this Article 6 functionality.


Paper: Carbon Credit Rights and the Paris Agreement

Gold Standard has published a new report prepared in collaboration with EY Law, exploring how the transition to the Paris Agreement and the adoption of Article 6 guidance may affect different rights related to carbon credits. The development of this report was supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.

It is clear that the carbon market is now operating in a new context under the Paris Agreement and that governments may begin to take renewed interest in the activities taking place within their borders. What is not yet clear is what exactly this means for carbon market actors, and whether actions by governments will work to harness investment or to hinder it.

In this paper, Gold Standard and EY Law look at this question, exploring how the new context under the Paris Agreement, with the adoption of an Article 6 rulebook and the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in most countries, might shape the way governments engage with the carbon market, and what this could mean for the private sector.


Article 6 webinar series


The next webinar in our Article 6 series will take place at 16:00 CEST on Thursday 24 November. In this webinar, we will look at the key findings and outcomes from negotiations at COP27. Panellists will be confirmed closer to the date.


COP27: What happened on Article 6, and (why) does it matter?

Thursday 24 November 2022
16:00 - 17:00 CEST

While COP26 provides the guidance that governments and market actors need to get Article 6 activities underway, negotiators will continue their work ahead of and at COP27. This webinar will explore the outcome of COP27 negotiations, to help attendees to better understand what it means and why it matters.


For those who missed it, you can also listen back to our recent webinar on how the value of Article 6-authorised credits might evolve, and what this means for the market.


Valuing Article 6 credits: How the value of Article 6-authorised credits might evolve, and what this means for the market

Recorded 27 September 2022



Article 6 Related Events at COP27


Gold Standard team members, including Hugh Salway, Head of Markets, will be on the ground at COP27 to host and attend numerous events and bilateral meetings. Below is a list of the Article 6 related events we will be involved in. We look forward to many discussions and negotiation across the two weeks, and to sharing our findings with our community.

Wednesday, 09 November

Transparency and Expectations from our Stakeholders

18:30 – 20:00 EET
Room Thebes

Coordinated by Supervisory Body for the Article 6.4

Owen Hewlett will be on the panel of this side event aiming to take stock of stakeholder views regarding the work of the Supervisory Body for the Article 6.4. The outcome of the event will serve to inform the Supervisory Body as it continues its work.


Tuesday, 15 November

Sharing best practices and lessons learned from capacity building for implementation of Article 6
[Official COP27 Side event]

13:15 – 14:45 EET

Room Akhenaten
Co-organisers: Gold Standard, Government of Japan, Global Public Policy Institute, Global Environment Centre Foundation, Climate Focus

For the robust implementation of Article 6, it will be important to strengthen support and international coordination for capacity building. To this end, this event will share initial experience of capacity building activities across the world, including institutional arrangement for Article 6 authorisations, registry development and reporting.

Topic will include:
  • The status and potential challenges of efforts on capacity-building for the Article 6 implementation
  • Sharing of experience from specific capacity-building-related activities in each country and region
  • The way forward for the effective implementation of Article 

Wednesday, 16 November

Article 6: Double Counting & Corresponding Adjustments

12:00 – 13:00 EET
Turkish Pavilion
Coordinated by EnKing International

Hugh Salway will join other market experts for a panel discussion considering key issues for the implementation of Article 6, including double counting and corresponding adjustments.

Building a robust data infrastructure

13:30 – 15:00 EET
IETA Business Hub
Coordinated by Climate Action Data Trust Council

Hugh Salway will join this session discussing the challenges and opportunities for leveraging digital innovation and data transparency in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.


The technical support, capacity-building and knowledge sharing platform, and the Article 6 webinar series outlined in this communication are made possible thanks to funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).


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