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Earlier this summer we sent out a short questionnaire asking for feedback regarding the Gold Standard Impact Registry: we would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who responded. Hearing directly from you is of great importance and helps us improve the registry experience and prioritise new features and functionality that will support your business.  

Since the launch of the new registry in March 2019 we have, amongst other improvements: 

  • Launched account summaries 
  • Introduced and expanded various filters and sorting functionality to credit and project lists 
  • Improved accounts’ navigational hierarchy 
  • Enabled .csv exports 

A few months ago, we enabled ‘sub-accounts’ and an improved transfer experience for internal and external accounts. If you would like information about opening a sub-account, please email us>>

We have also made some backend infrastructure improvements. For those Project Developers who have credits listed on our Project Marketplace>>, purchases made via the marketplace are now retired automatically in the registry, rather than it being a manual process, and the generation of purchase certificates is now automated, providing another level of assurance for buyers. If you’d like more information on listing a project in this marketplace, please do not hesitate to contact us>>.

Moving forward we will be continuing with our registry roadmap, integrating feedback from users, to continue enhancements. Some improvements we are prioritising: 

  • Multi-transaction support 
  • Improved documentation 
  • Project export 
  • Flagging of CORSIA eligible credits 
  • Improved account administration 

If you have any questions or further feedback now or in the future, please do not hesitate to send an email to


Thank you for your ongoing support of Gold Standard! 


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