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Upcoming Events

Teaching and Learning Collaboration Events:


October Teaching & Learning Cafés (online)

Teaching & Learning Cafés provide an opportunity to reflect on how the term has been going, to ask any questions that may have come up, and to connect with your colleagues. 

Equity in my discipline:  Management & Economics and Arts & Humanities (online)

Monday, October 25th, from 11:30am-12:30pm
Please register here.


  • Sonia Kang, Associate Professor, Management, Canada Research Chair in Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion 
  • Anjuli Raza Kolb, Associate Professor, English and Drama 
  • Ellyn Walker, Acting Director/Curator, Blackwood Gallery, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Visual Studies 

In this session, panelists will discuss how equity is part of the pedagogy, research, and community in their respective disciplines.  The session will provide participants opportunities to reflect on equity practice gaps and what equity specific initiatives relate to their teaching & learning and research.  

November Teaching & Learning Cafés (online)

Teaching & Learning Cafés provide an opportunity to reflect on how the term has been going, to ask any questions that may have come up, and to connect with your colleagues.

Term-End Reflection (online)

Tuesday, December 7th from 1:00pm - 2:30pm 
Please register here.

Connect with your colleagues to reflect on this past year in an interactive, collaborative session. This session will provide an opportunity to share pedagogical strategies that worked well and to ask your colleagues for suggestions to address challenges that you encountered during the term. 

Other Teaching & Learning Events at U of T:

Demystifying the Dossier: Looking Ahead: Identifying and Articulating Teaching Success
Tuesday, October 26th from 10:00 - 11:30am 

Effective Strategies of Preparing a Teaching Nomination Award File
Wednesday, November 3rd from 1:00 - 2:30pm 

Unconscious Bias: Implications for Teaching and Learning 
Wednesday, November 24th from 1:00 - 3:00pm

Creating Equitable Classrooms (Roundtable): Let's Talk About Failure at U of T
Tuesday, November 30th from 12:00 - 1:00pm

Join a Pedagogical Reading Group!

We have begun organizing the Fall 2021 pedagogical reading groups. Groups will meet biweekly to discuss our thoughts, reactions, and how the reading influenced our teaching. Meeting dates and times will be determined by participants’ availability. Graduate students, postdocs, sessional instructors, staff, and faculty are all welcome to join. To vote on the books we will read and to register your interest in joining a reading group, please complete this form.

Book covers of eight book options for Fall 2021 TLC pedagogical reading groups. Books organized in two rows with four book covers in each row. Top row from left to right: cover of Geeky Pedagogy; cover of Academic Ableism; cover of Equity-centered Trauma-informed Education ; and cover of How Humans Learn. Bottom row from left to right: cover of The Teaching Archive; cover of Why Indigenous Literatures Matter; cover of Research Is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods; and cover of Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach To Saving The University.

Publications & Presentations


Mark Blaauw-Hara's (Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy) new book From Military to Academy (2021) explores the writing and learning transitions of military veterans at the college level. Providing meaningful research into the ways adult learners bring their knowledge to the classroom, From Military to Academy offers new ways of thinking about pedagogy beyond the “traditional” college experience. The book provides a detailed picture of how student-veterans may experience the shift to the college experience and academic writing. From Military to Academy helps college writing faculty and writing program administrators understand and support the growing numbers of student-veterans who are making the transition to higher education.

Burazin, A., Jungic, V., & Lovric, M. (2021). A Cultural Challenge: Teaching Mathematics to Non-mathematicians. Maple Transactions, 1(1).

Burazin, A., Jungic, V., & Lovric, M. (2021, September 10). Open letter to my soon-to-be student: Math likely tops the list of things you worry about, but there is good news. Academic Matters. Retrieved from:

Burazin, A. (2021, July 19). What teaching issues we need to think about as we transition back to in-person learning. University Affairs. Retrieved from:

Seeley, S., Xu, K. & Chen, M. (2021). Read the Room! Navigating Social Contexts and Written Texts. In D. Driscoll, M. Heise, M. Stewart, & M. Vetter (Eds.),  Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing (vol. 4) (pp. 281-300). Parlor Press. 

Yusun, T. & Gagné, A. (2021). Towards a Supportive Math Pedagogy: Power Dynamics and Academic Integrity. Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity, 4(1), 70-90.


Congratulations to the Teaching Development and Innovation (TDI) Grant Recipients: 

Jayne Baker (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Sociology), Lance Stewart (PhD Candidate, Sociology), Michael Kaler (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy) & Tyler Evans-Tokaryk (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy). "Teaching writing skills in Sociology: An intervention to teach the literature review"
Lorenza Bennardo, (Assistant Professor (Limited Term), Historical Studies), "A Digital Introduction to Latin (DIL) "
Mairi Cowan (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Historical Studies) & Christoph Richter (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Biology), "Transferrable skills in a co-taught, interdisciplinary course"
Nicole Laliberté (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Geography, Geomatics and Environment), "Improving Assessments for GGE111: Online Course Pilot"

Zach Richer (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Sociology), "Hit “Record”: Measuring the Success of Small-Group Discussions in Changing Minds and Building Participation Skills"

Congratulations to Andie Burazin (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Institute of University Pedagogy & Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences) who was awarded a HEQCO Skills Consortium Grant, along with colleagues Miroslav Lovric and Taras Gula, for the project “Evaluation of the numeracy course “Numbers for Life” at McMaster University to measure learning gains and to explore possibilities for wider adoption of numeracy curriculum”. Andie Burazin and Miroslav Lovric also received the McMaster University Open Resource Education Grant for open content creation of the e-textbook “99 Numbers: Mathematics of Everyday Life”.

Congratulations to Michael Liut (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences) who won the tri-campus Outstanding Faculty Guidance & Support Award from UofT Student Life. The virtual award announcement can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Teresa Lobalsamo (Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Language Studies and Italian Studies Undergraduate Coordinator) who has been selected as one of six Faculty Fellows at the Centre for Community Partnerships for the 2021 – 2022 academic year! This fellowship recognizes and supports innovative instructors across the University of Toronto in developing new community-engaged learning and/or community-engaged research courses. Learn more about this year’s Fellows and details about the Fellowship on the CCP website.

Other News

Writing for University and Beyond: A New Student Journal at UTM

The Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy has launched an annual peer-reviewed student writing journal: Writing for University and Beyond: A Journal of First-Year Student Writing at UTM.

This journal, led by ISUP’s Writing Studies faculty members, includes a collection of student papers submitted from each of ISP 100’s three major assignments: writing stories, discourse community analyses and genre analyses. The successful students underwent a blind peer review process, and they were paired with a faculty mentor to develop their paper for publication.

From a hate-love relationship with writing, to trusting strangers on the internet, US democratic socialism and the 'ins' and 'outs' of fencing — the inaugural issue features compelling perspectives from students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences. It’s also a celebration of student success after a year filled with challenging social, political, and educational circumstances.

To learn more and read the journal, visit the ISUP website.

Vivienne Luk (Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Forensic Science Program, Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences) and her team of media designer, developer, work study students, and project coordinator, Advikaa Dosajh, are committed in reducing the learning curve by promoting discipline-specific language development for students, professionals in training, and seasoned practitioners in the field of forensic science. With support from Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) grant, a grant focused on enhancing virtual learning and development of educational technology, her team is working hard in creating the Language of Forensics (LoF) web-tool. LoF is a series of e-books composed of terminology lists, audio clips, and interactive activities (e.g, diagram labelling, drag-and-drop, timelines, flash cards). The LoF resource is a province-wide initiative and her team is working intimately with a number of academic institutions and forensic investigative agencies across Ontario to ensure their product is sound, accurate, and most importantly, help reduce the barrier to learning. A soft launch of the LoF resource is currently available in Professor Luk’s Introduction to forensic science course (FSC239) and a hard launch, with over 30 e-books, will be made publically available come March 2022. See below for a snapshot of a few selected e-books in the FSC239’s Quercus course page. 
Six books arranged in a grid. First book title is "Footwear Impression Evidence". The book cover has a footprint on it that is being revealed by an animated UV flashlight. Second book title is "Fingerprint Identification & Examination". The book cover has a fingerprint on it that is being revealed by an animated UV flashlight. The third book title is "Bloodstain Pattern Analysis". The book cover has a bloodstain on it that is being revealed by an animated UV flashlight. The fourth book title is "Facial Approximation". The book cover has a polaroid photo of a skull on it that is being revealed by an animated UV flashlight. The fifth book title is "3D Measurement & Visualization". The book cover has a 3D line drawing of a cube on it that is being revealed by an animated UV flashlight. The sixth book title is "Forensic Pathology". The book cover shows a brain being weighed on a scale being revealed by an animated UV flashlight.
Newsletter header photo by César Mejía.
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