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Teaching & Learning Grants

Faculty Teaching Awards

Teaching Assistant Awards

UTM Undergraduate Research Grants

Grants are provided for student-initiated research projects, which are related to their degree programs and are supervised by UTM faculty members. In addition to the general application pool, there are two special funding pools: Sustainability, and Social Justice, Anti-Racism and/or Decolonization. The deadline for applications is  March 15, 2022.

Upcoming Events

Teaching and Learning Collaboration Events:

Spotlight on Teaching in Social Science 
Thursday, February 17th from 2pm - 3pm

Spotlight on Teaching in STEM
Tuesday, March 1st from 2pm - 3pm

Preparing the Teaching Dossier 
Thursday, March 24th from 1pm - 3pm

Writing an EDI Statement for your Teaching Dossier
Tuesday, March 29th from 11am - 12pm 

Curriculum Mapping
Monday, April 4th from 1pm – 2pm  

Term-End Reflection
Wednesday, April 27th from 12pm - 2pm  

UTM Indigenous Centre Lunch and Learn with Catherine Taǫmęˀšreˀ Tàmmaro Hatiⁿgyáʔwiš ayeʔtarúʔtęʔ People of the Little Turtle (Clan)
Wednesday, February 23rd from 12:00-1:30pm

This year's U of T Teaching and Learning Symposium, "Designing for the Future", will be taking place May 11th to 13th virtually. The Call for Proposals can be found here and submissions are due February 22, 2022.
Pedagogical Reading Groups
Our Winter 2022 pedagogical reading groups are underway! Meeting dates and times are listed below. If you missed completing the expression of interest form in January, you are still welcome to join either reading group until February 21, 2022. Please contact Dianne Ashbourne ( if you would like to join. 

We will facilitate reading groups this summer as well. The expression of interest form will be sent out through the TLC listserv in late April/early May. 
Book cover of Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach To Saving The University by Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Yellow background with a black and white image of a lightbulb above the title.
The group reading Generous Thinking will be meeting Fridays from 2-3pm (meeting dates will be  Feb. 25, March 11, March 25, April 8, April 22).
Book cover of Radical Hope: A Teaching Manifesto by by Kevin M. Gannon. The words "Radical Hope" are in large print in the middle. There is a yellow textbox that reads: "A must-read...This work isn't about reform, but transformation. - Jose Luis Vilson, autor of This is Not a Test: A new Narrative on Race, Class, and Education"
The group reading Radical Hope will be meeting Tuesday from 2-3pm (meeting dates will be Feb. 15, March 8, March 22, April 5, April 19). 

Publications & Presentations

Burazin, A., Jungic, V., & Lovric, M. (2021). Growing Pains: Becoming a University Student. Canadian Mathematical Society Notes, 53(5). Retrieved from:

Chen, P., Sibia, N., Bernuy, A. Z., Liut, M., & Williams, J. J. (2021, December 9-10). Investigating the Impact of Voice Response Options in Surveys [Poster presentation]. Innovations in Education Conference, MacPherson Institute, McMaster University, online.

Cowan, M., Evans-Tokaryk, T., Farooqi, A., Kaler, M., & Graham, A. (2021). Phrasing Feedback to Improve Students' Writing in a Large First-Year Humanities Course. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 15(2), Article 15.

Derry, K. (2022, January 11). Teaching With Indigenous Films. Teaching and Learning as Treaty Peoples. 

Ibrahim, S., Gobbo, D. D., El Halwany, S., Zouda, M., Milanovic, M., Hassan, N., Krstovic, M., Kofman, N., & Bencze., L.  (2022). STEAM not STEaM: Revisioned Pedagogies Prioritizing Social Justice and Ecological Sustainabilityi n STEAM Education. Journal for Activist Science & Technology Education, 12(1). Retrieved from:

Liut, M. & Petersen, A. (2021, April 28-29). Incorporating Resubmission into Skills-based Courses [Conference presentation]. UWTL ’21: University of Waterloo Teaching and Learning Conference, online.

Ly, A., Parkinson, J., Cutts, Q., Liut, M., & Petersen, A. (2021). Spatial Skills and Demographic Factors in CS1. In 21st Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research (Koli Calling '21). Association for Computing Machinery, Article 4, 1–10.

Ly, A., Edwards, J., Liut, M., & Petersen, A. (2021). Revisiting Syntax Exercises in CS1. In Proceedings of the 22st Annual Conference on Information Technology Education (SIGITE '21). Association for Computing Machinery, 9–14.

Nunes, K., Du, S., Philip, R. Mourad, M. M., Mansoor, Z., Laliberté, N., & Rawle, F. (2021). Science students' perspectives on how to decrease the stigma of failure. FEBS Open Bio, 12(1): 24-37.

Parkinson, J., Bockmon, R., Cutts, Q., Liut, M., Petersen, M., & Sorby, S. (2021). Practice report: six studies of spatial skills training in introductory computer science. ACM Inroads 12(4):18–29.

Bogdan Simion (Mathematical & Computational Sciences) and his student Andrew Jiang had a peer-reviewed article, entitled "Help Supports during Online Delivery: Student Perception and Lessons Learnt from an Online CS2" accepted at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2022, a conference in computer science education. The work investigated how much students ask for help and perceive to get help in several help support components of an online introductory course, whether help seeking correlates with grades, what categories of questions students ask for help with the most, and who students rely on most for help. The goal is to help educators better understand how to support first-year computer science students in an online course, and potentially lead to hybrid help solutions upon return to campus.

Wang, M., Sibia, N., Dema, I., Liut, M., & Suárez, C. A. (2021). Building a Better SQL Automarker for Database Courses. In 21st Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research (Koli Calling '21). Association for Computing Machinery, Article 37, 1–3.

Daniel Zingaro's (Mathematical & Computational Sciences) new book, Learn to Code by Solving Problems (2021), teaches computer programming in Python from the ground up using evidence-based teaching practices including Peer Instruction, immediate feedback, and learning in context.

Lisa Zhang and Bogdan Simion (Mathematical & Computational Sciences), and Michael Kaler (Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy), along with students Niveditha Kani, Rehmat Munir, and Francesco Strafforello, had a peer-reviewed paper entitled "Exploring Common Writing Issues in Upper-Year Computer Science", accepted for publication at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium 2022, a conference in computer science education. Their work analyzes common issues in the writing of our upper-year, undergraduate computer science students in timed (e.g. tests) and untimed (e.g. longer assignment reports) scenarios. Their goal is to identify writing issues that should be addressed earlier in the CS curriculum. Their work developed and fine-tuned a rubric with six major categories, and investigated correlations between writing skill indicators and grades.


Congratulations to the recipients of the UTM Teaching Excellence Awards!

William Huggon (Psychology) was selected as the recipient of the UTM Teaching Excellence Award for outstanding teaching by a sessional instructor.

Vivienne Luk (Forensic Science) was selected as the recipient of the UTM Teaching Excellence Award for outstanding teaching by a junior faculty member.

Nicole Laliberté (Geography, Geomatics, and Environment) was selected as the recipient of the UTM Teaching Excellence Award for outstanding teaching by a senior faculty.  

Congratulations to Mairi Cowan who received the OCUFA Teaching Excellence Award!

Mairi Cowan (Historical Studies) received a 2020-2021 OCUFA Teaching Award for her outstanding contributions to the quality of higher education at Ontario’s universities. The award committee praised her passion for history, attentiveness to the needs of her students, and her creativity exemplify the effectiveness of her approach to education.

Congratulations to the recipients of the UTM Teaching Development & Innovation grants!

Andi Bergen (Mathematical & Computational Sciences): “Introducing elements of gamification in first year computer science programming courses to increase engagement and motivation of students with the goal of improving software testing and debugging skills”
Lisa Zhang (Mathematical & Computational Sciences); Bogdan Simion (Mathematical & Computational Sciences); Michael Kaler (Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy):  “Quantitative Assessment of Student Writing in First- and Second-Year Computer Science”

Congratulations to the recipients of the UTM Teaching Development Travel Grants!

Mairi Cowan (Historical Studies)
Teresa Lobalsamo (Language Studies)
Adriana Grimaldi (Language Studies)
Bogdan Simion (Mathematical & Computational Sciences)
Lisa Zhang (Mathematical & Computational Sciences)

Congratulations to the recipients of the UTM Teaching & Learning Conference & Colloquia Fund!

Sarianna Metso (Historical Studies)
Sheila Batacharya (Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy) and Zhaozhe Wang (Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy)
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