This edition will offer you a collection of insights about clothing! Some of us might know by now that what we wear has some consequences towards our environment. It does not stop there, it may also come at a cost of social injustice.
Also, specially featured on this edition is our Interview with Cecilia on her Zero Waste Bathroom.
Enjoy guys!!

21 April 2019
Energy Efficiency Assessment & Pricing Optimization in Industry Global Operations

by David Garcia

David shared with us the approach to perform energy efficiency assessment and to prioritise the improvement solutions according to the type of cost they entail to. 
Find more about what we learned on the webinar here.
No video is available due to confidentiality.
Featured Articles
Did you know? The fashion industry is the 2nd dirtiest industry after big oil. This article covers the entire value chain of clothes, from the resources you need to make them and up to where they end up after you've thrown them out.
The two movies are true eye openers and it's hard to say which one beats the other. RiverBlue reveals the environmental horrors that fast fashion has brought. Meanwhile, The True Cost discloses more the social consequences. Find The True Cost in NETFLIX, and you can rent and watch RiverBlue on Vimeo.


Transparency is important when it comes to promoting sustainability business practices. The Fashion Transparency Index 2019 developed by Fashion Revolutions reviews and ranks 200 of the biggest global fashion and apparel brands and retailers according to how much information they disclose about their suppliers, supply chain policies and practices, and social and environmental impact. See it here! 
Sustainable Lifestyle
Waste management? Yes! But first, let’s talk waste reduction!
After all, if companies are burning millions of dollars of new merchandise, not throwing new clothes to waste would seem like the logical choice, wouldn't it? Yet this is not only true for the clothing industry.

In school, we talked about waste management technologies. It is important because we indeed generate lots of waste in every aspect: our food production system, cleaning tools and products, and even our waste treatment facilities generate waste! There’s not enough place to “properly” hide it any more. However, we might be missing a big opportunity, because... what if we could actually avoid producing waste?
Would you try it? Maybe there’s a Zero Waste group somewhere around your city. If not, here’s a couple websites to walk you down the Zero Waste idea: Going Zero Waste and 10 easy ways to start! While attaining "zéro" is likely impossible, an easy - 25% or even -40% of waste is often reported by individuals who are beginning to pay attention to what they throw away... and to what they buy. It's a great way to start. We'll take a look at household waste in our next issue.
SPECIAL CONTENT - Interview: A "ZERO WASTE" Bathroom
A zero waste bathroom - bit of an oxymoron, isn't it? We talk to Cecila about how she transitioned towards one...

To start a zero (or almost) waste bathroom, firstly, I decided to finish all my current products. As they finished, I substituted each by a zero-waste equivalent (or almost zero).
I substituted my sulphate-full shampoo with a solid one, with no plastic wrap, made in France, organic and not tested on animals. I produce my own face wash with organic products. Coconut Oil; the life changer! I use it as makeup remover, skin moisturiser, hair finish, hair mask and even for cooking

Read her full interview and tips on how to transition here !
Recorded Webinars Out There
HEC MSIE Webinar - Best Practices for Startup Financing
2 May 2019 by HEC Paris Executive Education
Watch the recorded webinar here: (link)
PV Sustainability: The life cycle of a PV system
30 April 2019 by ECN, TNO, SolarPlaza
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Power System Modelling in the EU with High Resolution Modelling: PLEXOS
2 May 2019 by Energy Exemplar
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