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24 March 2019
Social Innovation in The Energy Transition

by Pauline Horg

No video was recorded due to technical issue. A re-run session will be organized in the coming months. Stay tuned for the invitation!
Featured Articles
Picture Renewable Integration

What are the challenges in integrating renewable energy to the existing system? IEA identified 4 phases of integration following the share of renewable energy penetration. At current state different countries are at different integration, with Denmark being the more advanced. Find more about it here.
EV Charging Station

EV charging stations are as important as gas stations, thus the lack of EV charging stations is one of the main reasons of limited interest of possessing EV. Building this infrastructure is expensive and difficult to plan since the different car manufacturers don't follow a common standard for the car plugs.  The right business model needs to be found to increase the number of the charging stations. Find more about it here.
Sustainability Tool
The tool, known as the Sustainable Consumption and Production Hotspots Analysis Tool, is an online application that analyses the environmental and socio-economic performance of 171 countries over the past 25 years to provide scientific evidence of areas where improvement can be made. It consists of 3 different modules depending on the user's interest. Find more about it here.
Sustainable Lifestyle
This new section aims to start a discussion about sustainable lifestyle among our readers:  we will try to find practical ideas for a lifestyle that is more consistent with our professional interests… on energy and environment!
This is a “what can I do?” section. We, the EMANATE team will share short articles with links to information you might find interesting. We are currently working on a series of articles on how to start reducing your environmental footprint during your daily activities, keeping Energy, Waste and Water as our main concerns.
In the meantime, here's a first source of ideas: the #climateaction hashtag is currently booming in social networks by people and also organizations wanting to share their simple yet creative, sometimes disruptive solutions for the environment.
We encourage you to use it too !
Recorded Webinars Out There
When Solar Policy Went Digital in France, Lithuania and The UK
29 March 2019 by Solar Power Europe
Watch the recorded webinar here: (link)
Green Bonds - An Innovative and Efficient Way of Financing Green Investment
18 March 2019 by CICERO
Watch the recorded webinar here: (link)
How to use OpenLCA 1.8 - free software for LCA Analysis
10 March 2019 by OpenLCA
Watch the recorded webinar here: (link)
Motivating Changes in User Behavior
06 March 2019 by Leonardo ENERGY
Watch the recorded webinar here: (link)

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