Weekly Principal Update
Week of March 30th, 2020

March 30th, 2020

Dear Families,
Thank you all for your input this last week regarding our Continuous Learning platform.  Each teacher received the feedback pertaining to his/her class. The units (K-2, 3-5, M.S.) discussed the results as a group and planned to make adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, many of you are wondering about First Holy Communion. Updates on this will be coming soon!

Some big takeaways from the survey:
Going Well
Google Classroom
General Communication
Lesson Plan Formatting
Responsive Teachers

Needs to be Addressed
More Flexibility in Due Dates
Specials (More Communication, Less Communication)
Workloads (Too Heavy/Too Light)
Provide Weekly Lesson Outline AND Daily Lesson Outline
Video Instructions for New Materials

School Response to Survey Results:
Finish it up Friday: We will be providing a lighter agenda on Fridays to allow children to catch up and finish up assignments for the week.
Turn It In Alerts: Teachers will be alerting families to the items in the lesson plans that will be graded.
Flexible Timetable for Grading and Turnin: We are being very flexible with work being turned in. The key will be to communicate with your classroom teacher to let him/her know what you need.
Video Instructions for New Materials: Many of our teachers have added video instructions this week. We also have some intervention and class sessions meeting with Google Meet and Zoom. 
Lesson Planning: Teachers are listening to you and have been making adjustments to their lesson planning when/how it is sent out. Please continue to have a two-way dialogue with your classroom teachers.

With Faith, Hope and Gratitude,

Crystal Blahnik
Mrs. Crystal Blahnik, Principal

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While many businesses are closed, some still continue to provide free wifi on their premises.
That means you can access it from the parking lot!
The following businesses have free wifi:
Lox Stock and Bagel
The Attic
Luna Cafe
Some public schools and libraries also have free guest wifi that you can access when you are in their parking lots as well.

Additionally, did you know that depending on your mobile phone/device, you may be able to use it as a hotspot for wifi? That means you may be able to access the internet on a family Chromebook by using your cellphone as a source of Wifi. You will just need to be sure to get onto the internet quickly, download your messages and assignments and then log off to limit your data use.

Here are the directions for using your mobile phone as a hotspot.
Families, if you need to print something that is school-related, we have opened an account at DigiCopy for our school families.

Here's what to do:
Email your document and the number of copies you require via PDF to  be sure to write "St. Bernard Catholic School" in your Subject or Message. This way the school will be charged, not you.

211 E Walnut St.
Green Bay, WI 54301
On the corner of
Walnut & Washington

Get Directions

When you arrive for curbside pickup, call;
Phone: 920-857-2208

(In a pinch, they are willing to deliver, but this should be the exception and not the norm.)

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In-Person SCRIP Sales are currently suspended.  

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