Weekly Principal Update
Week of March 1st, 2020

March 1st, 2020


Dear Families,
This coming week we have Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, March 5th  (4:30-8:00 pm) and Friday, March 6th (1:30 - 3:30 pm). Please check your email from Friday, February the links for sign up will close this coming Wednesday.

Spring Conference Sign Up links are below.  These conferences are NOT mandatory.

link for Thursday, March 5, 2020 
link for Friday, March 6, 2020

ENROLLMENT 2020-2021:
The following Grade Levels are Closed...
8th Grade
5th Grade
4th Grade

The following Grade Levels have 1-2 Seats Open....
3rd Grade
2nd Grade

CHOICE Window for re-enrollment and new applications (PK4, K, and 1st) CLOSES April 16th, 2020

Each GRACE Campus now has a Snapshot Report. This includes demographic makeup and standardized test overviews. Here is this link to the GRACE Snapshot.

Here is the link to our campus Snapshot Report. Please take the time to look at both reports. You will see that we have a genuinely diverse school community both in ethnicity, student learning abilities/needs. We take great pride in our school community. You will notice that our families are 96% Roman Catholic, and 96% of families are parishioners of a GRACE affiliated parish in the Green Bay Area. The report does not show it, but approximately 1/2 of our students are parishioners here at St. Bernard Church.

Our size as the largest school in the system, and our socio-economic diversity, both provide our campus with services that benefit all students. These services include three reading interventionists, one math interventionist, a guidance counselor, three full-time campus para-professionals, and a full-time Title I reading/writing teacher. The Snapshot report for our campus does not show it, but our Science scores are above both the Diocesan and National MAPS norms. I believe this can be attributed, in part, to our Project Lead the Way program.

Our relationship with the public school system also provides us with a part-time itinerant special education teacher as well as a speech and language program for those who qualify.  Additionally, we have access to learning materials and federal title funds which enhance our teacher professional development experiences as well as after school programs such as Homework Huddle, Art Club, Robotics and Jazz Band. 

Please note that under the section regarding Tuition and Support that the cost per pupil is nearly $6,300 per student (without site-specific student activity fees). This per-pupil amount is covered by a variety of income sources. Student tuition is just a fraction of the cost per student. SEE HERE.  Additionally, it should be noted that WPCP students bring in the full cost of tuition as well as additional fees and requirements for a total of nearly $7,000 per student.  You can see in the infographic that our WPCP families actually help fill the gap between tuition and actual cost per/pupil. This way, we all succeed as a school community and student body!

(Imagine that the boxes that the students are standing on are labeled by type of financial assistance they receive.)

I couldn't be more proud to be the principal of St. Bernard School as well as a mom of one alumnus and two current students. Faith, service, and academics are solid here and provide a substantial foundation for the future of our children.  What a special school we all belong to! 

In Christ,

Mrs. Crystal Blahnik
Monday, March 2nd - 5:00 pm NJHS Induction Ceremony at St. Bernard Church
Tuesday, March 3rd - 2nd Trimester Reports Come Home
Thursday, March 5th - Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:00 pm
Friday, March 6th- EARLY RELEASE -Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:30-3:30 pm

SPRING BREAK! - March 7th - March 15th


Thank you to our Auction for Education Planning Committee for their innumerable hours of preparation for this event.  Most especially, thank you to Katie Sullivan and Gina Frederick for their leadership, passion and execution of this memorable event. 

World Health Organization Recommendations Here

We will be working on a school-wide plan this week for boosting our classroom sanitization as well as our daily hygiene. We will also be adding additional hand sanitizing stations as well.

Meanwhile, please be sure to follow the above chart regarding how to prevent the spread of illnesses at home, and when to send your child back to school after an illness.

The lower part of the WHO website has infographics regarding staying clear of illness while traveling.

March 1st, 2020
Take SCRIP along on Spring Break

Don’t forget to pick up scrip to use over spring break.  Special orders must be placed and paid for by Monday, March 2 at 8:00 am in order to be available for pick up after 1:00 on Thursday, March 5.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get your special order in on time though.  You can still order ScripNow from over 200 vendors and get the escrip delivered to your email immediately.  On your phone you just need to use your browser and go to, enter your username and password and start your scrip order.  You can then access your escrip directly from your phone.

If you don’t have an online account set up already just email with your preferred email and username.  Your username can be the same as your email or you can choose another name that is easy for you to remember.  Once entered into the system you will receive an email for instructions on setting up your account and password.

Important information when ordering KwikTrip and Shell scrip

If you order KwikTrip or Shell online you will see two options – the national scrip with the company logos and KwikTrip Local or Shell Local Dealer scrip. 

When ordering KwikTrip always choose the local option.  We receive a 1% higher rebate and either card can be used at all KwikTrips.

When ordering Shell choose the local option if you will be using the Shell card in Wisconsin or the UP.  If you wish to use the Shell card elsewhere or want to reload the card you need to select the national Shell option.  The difference in rebate is significant – 10% for local, 1.5% for national. If you use the paper order you will need to special order national Scrip.  Please write in National Shell Scrip on the back of the order form.

KwikTrip reloads are now available.  If you like the convenience of reloading, purchase a national KwikTrip card and then register that card for reload.  Please be aware that you will receive the lower rebate for all reloads (4% instead of the 5%).


Do you have questions or would you like personal help in setting up an online account or learning how to use your online account?  Would you like to learn about student delivery?  Stop by the parish office between 8:00 and 9:00 on most Monday mornings and Ann Selk, the scrip coordinator will help you.  You can also contact Ann Selk at and set up an appointment to get together.  Check out the school website at under the fundraising tab for more scrip information


Wisconsin law established a tax deduction for private school tuition, and again, tuition tax credit information is available for the 2019 calendar year online via TADS.

The TADS Household Paid Tuition Tax Report provides a breakdown of payments made for the specified household’s tuition account during the tax year.

When you are gathering your information for 2019 tax preparation, go online to your TADS account and select Billing | Billing Account Number | Reports | Household Paid Tuition Tax Report | enter the year 2019 and submit. If you have questions or require assistance, please call TADS Parent Support at 800-477-8237. 

Please Contact Mr. Beyer if you can help., Athletic Director





No Cell Phone Use or Texting While Driving in the Lot

WAIT PATIENTLY for the car in front of you

Do not pass a stopped car in the drop-off line


Leave the Handicapped Spot Open if you are not Handicapped

Leave the Auction Parking Spot Open for the Auction Winner


Share the traffic plan with your family/friend who is picking up for you

If you do not want to wait in the drop-off line, please park and walk your child to their morning line. DO NOT drop them off in the back of the lot and expect them to run through parked cars and the traffic line by themselves. 


Our 8th Grade Charity Basketball Game brought in nearly $500 in snack and entrance donations! This means we can provide TWO additional children with cleft palate surgery.

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