Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. -Psalm 136:1

Week of November 18th, 2018

Sunday, Nov. 18th, 2018

Greetings in Christ!
As we prepare for much anticipated time with families this coming week, I will keep this short and focused on some of our efforts between now and the culmination of the Advent season.

Mrs. Soderdahl has asked me to share this information with the larger community. While the information may be hard to process, please know that Mrs. Soderdahl is remaining very positive during this change in "normal" for her and her family.  There will be more to come about ways you can help and support  the family. Here is a portion of the letter she asked me to share:


Your children may have been coming home the last couple of weeks stating that I have been in and out of the classroom with absences lately. I had experienced some inexplicable abdominal pain a few weeks ago and went to the doctor to get it checked out.  Within a week, I had a biopsy done and I have just been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Although, probably like many of you, I was completely taken by surprise by this diagnosis, I want to assure you that I plan to be a stable force within the classroom as long as my health allows me to do so. With that being said, there will be times I will need to have treatments and a substitute teacher will be in the classroom for me.  

Every person reacts to treatments differently and I I am not sure how My body will react. I would like to prepare your child in a preschool-friendly way (the same way I will prepare my own young children) about my disease and perhaps personal changes (It is highly likely that my hair will thin and clumps with fall I will be wearing hats/scarfs/etc to school). It is my intention to Alex and the Lemonade Stand to the students on Monday to help explain that I have cancer. It is my hope by doing this I might normalize what is happening and provide the students with a developmentally appropriate way of understanding what is going on.

With that being said, I want you as families to also be able to stay informed. I am blessed to have many people in my life. I have found that retelling my diagnosis story has been exhausting, but I understand and respect the importance of people wanting to know and understand what is going on. So my family has created a Caring Bridge account to keep everyone informed. I intend to keep my focus on the children through all of this, so if you have questions, comments, or concerns about my health - please direct them to the Caring Bridge for information rather than asking me. I have shared the link below for you.

I want to thank all of you in advance for your prayers of support. I am grateful to each of you. Please know that your children are in good hands and will continue to grow and thrive despite this diagnosis. Finally, please remember that cancer is simply what I have, it is not who I am. I am Mrs. Soderdahl - teacher, friend, mom, aunt, sister, and daughter. Let’s move forward together focusing on the who, rather than the what.

Blessings,  Mrs. Soderdahl

Please know that we are rallying behind her as a staff. There will be ways for the larger community to help as well. Mrs. Hess is coordinating all of the supports so please feel free to get in touch with her as you are compelled to do so and we will share ways to help as we are able to.


November is our Thanksgiving Basket Collection month (feed the hungry). This is one way our Corporal Works of Mercy comes into practice for our students.

In December we will be adopting a few of our school families (give alms to the poor and drink to the thirsty) for the Christmas season and we will also be praying for corrections officers (pray for the living and comfort the sorrowful).

Some of our classes have also signed up to ring bells at PickN'Save for the Red Kettle Challenge. We are hoping to do our part to help with this effort in the month of December. Permission slips will be sent home for classrooms that are participating.

True peace comes from knowing God is in control. - Anonymous

Have a blessed week!
Mrs. Crystal Blahnik


PK - K Christmas Concert

Friday, December 14  10:00 am in church
1st - 4th Christmas Concert
Monday, December 10  6:30 pm in church
5th-8th Grade Band Concert
Monday, December 17th 6:30 pm in the gym

Link to Detailed Parent Letter for PK-5th 


Wednesday, Nov. 21st - Early Release Day (Mass, Dog Races in Gym) / End of First Trimester
Thursday and Friday (Nov. 22nd & 23rd) - Thanksgiving Weekend
Saturday, December 1st
- First Reconciliation (2nd Grade) 10:00 am
Tuesday, December 4th - 1st Trimester Grades Come Home
Thursday, December 6th - First Reconciliation (2nd Grade) 6:00 pm
Friday, December 7th - School Mass 8:45 am
Monday, December 10th - 1st-4th Grade Christmas Concert 6:30 pm in church
Wednesday, December 12th - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass, 10:15 am
Thursday, December 13th - SAC Dress Down Day
Friday, December 14th - PK-K Christmas Concert in church at 10:00 am
Monday, December 17th - 5th-8th Grade Band Concert 6:30 pm in gym
Friday, December 21st - Mass at 8:45 am and regular dismissal
Advent begins on Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Sophia Institute for Teachers - Lessons for Advent (lots of things here can be used at home!)
Try a Jesse Tree with your children.
Put on a Posada for your family.
Make and use an Advent wreath at home.
Security Cameras - fully installed and operational
Video Phone - fully installed and operational -outer doors always locked
Mirrored Window Film - Middle School and Primary Wing- fully installed. 
Software and New Locking System - Fully installed and operational through the entire school and parish campus.
Shatter Resistent Film - Fully Installed on Front Doors. Round two of DOJ Grant will allow this installation to happen on key windows inside the building.
Panic Button - Installed at front desk for office staff

NOTE: Classroom windows are used as escape routes in an emergency, thanks to escape kits in the classrooms.

DOJ Safety Grant -$15.000
SCRIP Profits - $50,000
Donor - $3,000
Site Advisory Council/PACE - $3,500
Parish Facilities Fund - $25,000
Parents, in the case of a campus emergency, our final Rally Point is Wally's Spot (near Walgreens on Main St.). Students know to proceed to Wally's Spot or the PickN'Save parking lots in a real emergency based on their proximity to the rally point. Students will be assembeled at Wally's Spot via city bus as our final meeting location in a real emergency.

In a real emergency, parents should NOT come to our campus. Parents and vehicles can get in the way of emergency vehicles. Please ALWAYS plan to meet at Wally's Spot for communication and reunification with SBS students, staff and other commuity members.

Wally's Spot
Wally's Spot
Always go to Wally's Spot - not the campus - in a real emergency! 
Await reunification and communication at this location.
You can now log your volunteer hours online!
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