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The Week in Winnipeg

August 7th to August 13th, 2022


Hello 856,

I know Matthew said he wasn’t going to do any more reports for the month of August, but I figured you have a right to know what has been going on in the local this week. 

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Cameron Fortier and I’m the VP of the local. While Matthew is away, I’ve been put in charge of keeping the ship on its course. There will be no course corrections or hoisting of main sails, or vast differences in how the local operates. We all have our own oars and we all row together to keep the local moving forward.

Educationals Update

While everyone was out soaking up the sun, your local officers have been hard at work finalizing lists of candidates who have applied for educationals. The deadline for Advanced Steward Training has come and gone. The list was sent, and applications dropped off at the regional office (On Broadway). From there, the region decides how many members from each local can be sent (based on the number of applications). Its sounds complicated but here’s all you need to know: Every application is looked at and based on the number of spots available the region tries to be as equitable as possible. 

In addition to the above mentioned regional educational the local is putting on another “Taking Back the Workfloor” class on Wednesday, August 17th. All those who have applied previously and did not get in are being given an opportunity to take it this time. I highly recommend as many members as possible to apply for this course. 

Coming next week, the deadline for Facilitator Level 1 and 2 are due by August 19th. All applications for Basic Shop Steward/LCRMS/Solidarity Skills Level 1 are due by September 16th. Also, the Prairie region is hosting a “Pension Whiz” seminar via zoom on September 26th. Members have until September 12th to apply.

Southwest Restructure

  With the implementation fast approaching the final consultation for Southwest 2 was held on Monday. Your local workload structuring officers both past (Tyler Oswald), and present (Sean Tugby) have worked long hours going over the new routes with fine tooth combs to point out all the errors that were made. With the changes made, Southwest 2 should begin bidding as soon as this Friday.  Also discussed during the consultation were the designation of the “A” and “B” routes and the Article 54 routes.  Finally, the seniority list for the depot has to be finalized so there can be an agreement as to who can or cannot bid.

Canadian Tire MOA Consultation

On Tuesday, August 9th the Winnipeg Local had a consultation with local management regarding the delivery of the Canadian Tire flier to be delivered starting September 6th of this year. As this was already agreed to nationally, CPC was obliged to consult both regionally and locally.

To summarize, letter carriers are given the option to deliver the flier on a two day at 4.5 cents per piece, or three days at 2.5 cents per piece. Most of you should have seen the MOA in the info books already. CPC is obliged under the collective agreement to recognize employees’ rights under 33 (Health and Safety) as well as other appendices that apply. Employees can ask for help if needed and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who enjoys delivering admail. Neighborhood Mail is important to CPC because it provides them with a revenue stream to get through the months of ¾ trays of mail. Yes, it is tedious, monotonous, and downright annoying but it is helping pay your salary. It is incumbent on all of letter carriers to deliver admail to the best of their abilities and report all discrepancies to their supervisor. 

24’s- 24’s- 24’s!

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of getting a 24-hour notice- under the collective agreement, the employer must give you 24 hours’ notice to schedule a meeting with them. Lately the 24’s have been ranging from health and safety concerns (not wearing a vest/seatbelt), to missing admail.

If you get admail in your bunker that is not yours, note what route it is for and give it to a supervisor. If you have admail show up that is late, inform your supervisor that you never received it during the correct timeline (day before delivery)- and that you will have to have them pay you the compressed rate for the remaining two thirds of delivery. Always check with your supervisor to make sure you have scanned all the applicable barcodes for that day. When it comes to delivery you have two options a) deliver the color of the day or b)100% coverage of that piece of admail. If you are delivering 100% coverage for apartments that is fine as long as the slip does not say apartments and houses. 

Most of the time, admail gets delivered without incident. With the new PDT’s, the scanning and uploading should not be an issue. If there is an issue, inform your supervisor. If you are being told to do something against your will, get a shop steward or call the local. Often mistakes are made unintentionally, but that’s usually the time that management is watching. 

If /when you get a 24, make sure you request your FULL employee file (in writing) to the employer. (Keep a copy for yourself) Also let the employer know that you are requesting a shop steward to be present in your meeting. If they cannot find one in the depot, one will be sent out to you. DO NOT GO INTO A MEETING WITHOUT A SHOP STEWARD. 

Remember, the 24 is a tool the employer uses to intimidate members, regardless if you may or may not have done something wrong, they want to investigate. Your shop steward is there to guide you through the process, be honest with them as they are there to defend your rights in the meeting. Control your emotions during the meeting and answer questions directly (don’t extrapolate). 

We are all human and we all make mistakes. Honesty and integrity are very important in our line of work, and being forthcoming about what happened and how you feel about it all says a lot. 

24’s are never fun. They can be confrontational and emotional and most of the time it’s not when you are at your best. If you or anyone on your work-floor has received a 24 make sure you get a shop steward and/or call the local.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine,

Cam Fortier

VP Winnipeg Local 856


2022 General Membership Meeting Schedule

Saturday, September 10th, 9:00 a.m.

Election of Trustee (three-year term)
Election of delegates to Regional Conference
Debate of Constitutional Resolutions
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Viscount Gort Hotel and Conference Centre
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*Meeting schedule subject to change due to living in a difficult-to-predict world.
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