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Since we both had ballots ready to go, and a way to track them, my husband, Tom, suggested we do an experiment with the delivery systems.  So I put mine in the US Postal pick up box two blocks from our house, and he put his in the drop box at Magnuson Park.  His was acknowledged first, but later the same day mine had been checked in as well.  Both systems worked and made me very grateful to live in the state of Washington.   

    Last week when our Black Lives Matter discussion group met, we considered the ballot issues and candidates to discern their impact on social justice matters.  As I was preparing to share my preferences, one of my Methodist connection web sites came up with these suggestions from none other than our founder, John Wesley:  1. Vote without fee or reward, for the person you judge most worthy. 2. Speak no evil of the person you voted against. 3. Take care your spirit is not sharpened against those that voted on the other side.

    By the time you receive this message, the votes will be in.  I pray that our spirits will be able to accept the outcomes, and our tongues will not lash out against those who voted on the other side.   Amen

Hymn #578 4th verse:  God of love and God of power, make us worthy of this hour; offering lives if it's thy will, keeping free our spirits still.  God of love and God of power, thou has called us for this hour.
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Sermon Title:  Choose This Day!
Scripture:  Joshua 24:1-3, 14-25
Theme: Our Commitment to God

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November Melodies of Compassion 

Melodies of Compassion for November will be donated to Operation Nightwatch.  Since we cannot be together at church to collect socks for 'Sock it to Homelessness' this year, we hope to be able to donate cash. This organization has been in Seattle since 1976, and has become an accepted part of the night scene in downtown Seattle.  Nightwatch purchased and remodeled a building at 14th Ave S. & S. Main St in 1999; the upper 2 floors provide living space for 24 low-income seniors.  Every night, Nightwatch staff and volunteers help homeless adults get food and shelter.  A hot meal is served at 9 pm, and homeless people are dispatched to shelters around the city.  Nightwatch provides warm blankets & a Metro bus ticket to those who cannot find shelter.  There are so many homeless in Seattle -- please remember Operation  Nightwatch when you're warm and safe and well fed in your home every night -- and donate to Melodies for November as you are able!

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