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January 22 H&R and Covid update 
Letter From Your Councillors
This is a short but important email to keep you current on three issues in Ward 3 that we have received the most questions about over the past week. COVID-19 vaccines, a special meeting of Town Council next Wednesday, January 27th to determine an H&R REIT/Amazon planning decision, and an update on Coyotes. We will be sending a more detailed newsletter in the first week of February.

We are grateful to everyone for their continued vigilance in regard to the lockdown restrictions. We are seeing an increase in the number of concerns regarding service limitations and can only respond; we are all required to follow Provincial restrictions though they may be confusing to sort out. The goal is community safety and we are showing progress in our cases which shines a positive light forward. The Town staff is issuing a press release today to clarify how the Provincial regulations impact Oakville services. The COVID page will be updated with what is open, closed, and more. 

While we are all concerned about the supply of vaccinations, let's control what we can control: wear our masks, keep our distance, wash our hands, find alternatives to keep us mentally healthy, limit our exposure to others outside our household. The Province is responsible for the vaccine program and Halton Public Health follows their direction. The Town and Halton are facilitating the availability of sites for inoculations and our paramedics who will assist. 

Stay safe and continue to be a support to one another.
Janet and Dave
Regional Council CAO and Medical Officer update

At Wednesday’s Regional Council meeting, Halton’s CAO and Medical Officer of Health provided updates on Halton’s current situation, details, and updates on the Province's plans for vaccinations. You may want to watch this portion of the Regional Council.

In December, Ontario announced details of its implementation plan to receive, store and distribute COVID-19 vaccines across the province. The Provincial Government determines where the doses will go, who will receive it, and when. Learn about Ontario’s vaccination program to help protect us against COVID-19
We are pleased to report that with the assistance of Halton Paramedics progress has been made in vaccinating our residents in  Long Term Care and retirement residences and their caregivers.  The goal was to be complete by Jan 23 depending on vaccine availability but it now will most likely be February.
Vaccination Procurement motion at Regional Council
H&R Reit and Amazon Site Plan Application and Appeal

In our last update, we advised that H&R Reit had filed an appeal of their Site Plan application to the LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal). Late last week, the property owner H&R REIT made a Settlement Offer to the Town of Oakville stating they wanted to resolve residents’ concerns regarding their Site Plan Application.  They imposed an offer deadline of January 31. This compelled Council to move quickly to call a Special Council meeting on Jan 27 at 6:30 pm. Upon being informed of the offer, we advised and forwarded a link to the Ward 3 Resident Associations including JCRA and Residents 4 Livable Oakville.

Town staff has prepared a report for Council on the proposed  Site Plan offer and the Site Plan application. On Wed January 27 Staff will make a presentation to Council AND we will hear delegations from the public and the applicant.  

As your Councillors, we are very aware of the different concerns related to this application, at our request and with Council’s agreement, the decision comes to Council for their consideration. We welcome your perspective on the application and the offer. but remind you that it takes 8 votes of a 15-member Council to pass or reject anything. The best way to reach all Council with your perspective prior to the meeting is by email to

To register to delegate please contact the Town Clerk who will explain the delegation process and how to connect virtually. There is no access to Town Hall due to COVID 19 restrictions. Council meetings are live-streamed for all residents as well. 

The Settlement Offer is a public document, posted on the Town’s website.  Please click here to read the offer letter. All documents related to this application including the Settlement offer, revised Landscape plan, Peer Review of the Traffic Study, and more have been posted on the Planning and Development Ward 3 Active Applications page.  
Some Frequently asked questions:
What happens if the Town rejects the Offer?
H&R REIT would then continue to have the right to proceed with its appeal to LPAT and our Legal Counsel will proceed to represent the Town at the appeal.  LPAT will hear the case and determine what the Site Plan must include. This is not a decision on whether Amazon can or cannot operate. That was determined by the zoning. For clarity, LPAT will decide if the application addresses all of the requirements of Section 41 of the Planning act and what conditions would need to be met for the application to proceed. 

What if the Town accepts the offer? 
This means that changes to the property to accommodate Amazon would be made as outlined in the agreed-upon Settlement Offer and Building Services would finalize the building permit application. You can view options for contesting the building permit in the Staff report. The Town staff recommendation is " That Staff be directed to proceed in the appeals filed in (LPATfILE #pl200630) in accordance with instructions provided by Council".
Why will Council go ‘in camera’ for part of the meeting?
When Council is receiving legal advice related to litigation, going ‘in camera’ is to ensure the applicant is not privy to the Town lawyer’s advice or any legal strategy we may want to deploy to resolve the matter. Where possible we will vote in a public session.
What about the concerns related to it is an industrial use (E3)  not an employment use (E2)?
We have asked the Chief Administrative Officer if our new Chief Building Official can review the prior CBO zoning decision. The CAO agreed this should be done and we are now advised the new Chief Building Officer has reported that he supports the prior CBO E2 decision. The staff report provides additional information on the authority of the CBO.

What about the MZO, is the Minister still going to deny their application and remove the restrictions on the Parkway belt?

We have advocated that the Minister should follow through and deny their applications NOW. There is no compelling or fair argument to allow the landowner to have this land for parking. Clarity on what the site size is and limits are important to the decision on the Site Plan. We encourage you to speak directly to MPP Crawford.

What's on the Town Council Agenda
Our next Council meeting is Jan 25 at 6:30 pm and includes reports on Diversity and Inclusion,  a CAO Covid update, and a report and actions to follow from the 40km hour neighbourhood test. To review the agenda and reports click here.
There is a Special Council meeting on Jan 26 at 9:30 with regard to Oakville Enterprises Corp Strategic Plan and Business Plan.
The H&R Reit /Amazon Site Plan application will be heard at a Special Council Meeting on Jan 27 at 6:30 pm. The Staff report can be found here. When you are on the agenda page and click on the link on the right-hand side the documents are displayed.
Coyote update
Coyotes become more visible in the winter as they seek a mate. Vocalizations in the form of yipping and howling may become more common during this time as they communicate with one another.
The months of January and February are mating season for coyotes, which means coyotes are more active during this time, making them more visible. Coyotes are not considered a significant risk to people, and most negative coyote interactions are preventable. When we are aware and knowledgeable of our wildlife and act responsibly and respectfully, it is easier to coexist.
In order to avoid negative interactions, please remember to never leave food out for wild animals, supervise pets when they are in your yard, and clean up bird feeders or remove them completely. 
If you encounter a coyote, the best way to avoid conflict is to frighten them away. Shout, wave your arms and throw small sticks in their direction. For more tips, check out our winter flyer and our coyote hazing video.
If see a coyote, please let us know by completing our online reporting form. You can also view our coyote sightings map to learn where coyotes have been observed in Oakville.
Councillor Contact Information

Town Councillor Haslett-Theall:

Phone:   289-837-3923

Regional & Town Councillor Gittings:

Phone:  905-844-5513

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Your Ward 3 Councillors,
Dave and Janet
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