How to save your life

Like many are doing right now I spent a week of holidays at the South Coast. We stayed in an area that was ravaged by the bush fires in January. As we drove around we saw the blackened tree trunks now sprouting with new growth, we saw new houses replacing what was lost, as well as for sale signs on now vacant lots as some have decided not to rebuild. In every conversation I had with a local it didn't take long before the topic was raised of the bush fires, most telling me of how close they were to losing their house and of neighbours who weren't as fortunate.

For the week we enjoyed staying in a house near the seaside, an idyllic location, and it is hard to imagine how anything could interrupt such paradise. But that is exactly what happened in January. The beautiful houses, immaculate gardens, weekend fishing boats, all that seemed so secure was lost in a night.

It was a reminder to me of how we so often find our security in material things that are here today and gone tomorrow. While the world tells us to seek joy and pleasure, indeed to build our lives around an abundance of possessions, Jesus often warns us of that mindset. In a stark passage he says to his disciples, "What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?" Mark 8:36-37.

It can be hard to swim against the tide of materialism, to do so we will need to see that we have been promised a far greater treasure that is worth living for and worth losing everything for. And this is what Jesus tells us we already have as we belong to his kingdom:
“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it." Matthew 13:45-46  

Plans for this Sunday

- 9 O'clock Church and church@5 meeting at St Aidan's
- For ten30church, this will be the last 'Church in the carpark' before we resume meeting in the SDA building. It's looking like fine weather for Sunday, please bring along a chair.

You can read here the plan for Sunday's going forward: Sundays at St Aidan's
We are encouraging that some of you might consider joining the 5pm service, this would help with accommodating people at ten30church as we would prefer if everyone could attend on Sundays without needing to watch in an overflow room. Please talk to Ryan or Jon or one of the elders if you think this could be a good move for you. 

- Online: There is a live linkup through Zoom at each gathering, access via the Online Service page of our website. The prerecorded service will be available this Sunday and next, after that if you still need to join online we encourage you to do so via the live link.

This Sunday - Hebrews 13:1-6

As we come to the final chapter of Hebrews, we are shown what it practically looks like to live in a way that worships God and is pleasing to him. Three ways we express our love for God is by loving others in the church, avoiding sexual immorality, and keeping ourselves from the love of money.   
Next week: Hebrews 13:7-25

Kids Church News

Kids Church continues during the holidays. Continue to drop of your children at Tulloch Lodge as you have been doing. Over the next 3 weeks, Alesha, Ryan, and Ian (with some excellent leaders) will continue to take your children through the Bible with fun, dance, and teaching. 

Other News

Prayer Diary
Our monthly Prayer Diary is prepared to aid us in praying for one another, for the ministry of our church, and the several missionaries we support. Here is the October Prayer Diary.

Rita Johnston
Yesterday we heard the news that Rita passed away. Rita was a long time member of St Aidan's, though health reasons have prevented her from being able to attend in recent years. It was a privilege for both Ryan and myself to be able to visit Rita in hospital in recent weeks, especially in these times when there is such a strict limit on visitors. Please uphold her family in your prayers, for those who would like to attend the funeral it will be held at the lawn cemetery on Thursday at 1pm

Min is away on leave
Min is on annual leave and she will be back Oct 21. During this time, the office will be open only Wednesday mornings (10am-12pm). If there are urgent admin matters please contact Dawn Woodland  E| M| 0408 297 539 or Rob Scriven E| M| 0408 683 247  
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