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Thanks to all of you who joined (and persevered with) the Livestream on Sunday, I apologize that the sound was so poor. For those who stuck with it the sound quality was fine for the sermon, if you missed it and want to listen it's now uploaded on the sermon page of our website. 

One aspect of the service that I wanted everyone to hear was our Thankyou to Ruth Lennon. Ruth has been part of St Aidan's since she married John (a few years back), and Ruth has served as an elder of our church for the past 26 years. Personally, I am very thankful to Ruth for the care she has shown to me and my family, as well as her faithful commitment to St Aidan's expressed in countless ways.

When Ruth shared that she was retiring as an elder she wrote this:

Over the years my interaction with the ministers, members of Session and congregations has always been encouraging. Watching parishioners growing in their faith and babies and children reaching adulthood has been inspiring. At all times my own faith has been strengthened. It is so precious to me. God has been so very good to me. Yours in His service, Ruth Lennon.

We gave Ruth a certificate designating her as Elder Emeritus, which is a way of saying how much we have appreciated her faithful service for so many years. There has also been this wonderful photo recently come to light:
St Aidan's Elders Induction - 25th September 1994.
Wendy Van Every, Sandy McMillan, Thelma Birkin, Chris Gorman, Ruth Lennon.

Our Sermon this Sunday

Regardless of our level of interest in politics the presence of governing authorities is inevitable. Should we view this as a burden, a blessing, or simply a by-product of humans civilising? How does the prevalence of human authority fit with the ultimate authority that God exerts over the cosmos?
This week Gareth Tyndall begins a three week series in Romans 13, and the opening section (vv.1-7) plunges us into the depths of this topic, offering Gospel simplicity to keep us afloat. The next sermons will cover Romans 13:8-10, then 13:11-14.

Kids Church News Corner

Romans 13:1- 7
It's school holidays!  I wonder if you are hanging for a holiday or just want things to continue normally for a bit longer? It has been lovely to hear that families from our kids church have been connecting as the restrictions are eased. And today as the restrictions ease further I want to encourage you to continue meeting together for church on Sunday mornings or even for a play in the park with some of your friends from kids church. 

This weeks passage is all about listening to people in charge. Sometimes it's hard to listen and follow the rules especially of you can't do the things that sound fun. But what God wants us to do is honour Him in the things that we do each day. He wants us to make good choices that bring glory to him and sometimes that means not running in the playground or only sharing your lego with your little brothers and sisters. We make these choices to follow the people in charge because Jesus followed all the rules for us. He listened to all the people in charge but he honoured God and brought glory to God in his actions. How can you bring glory to God this week by listening to the people in charge?

Gathering together on Sundays & Zoom

From July 1 the NSW Government has removed the 50 person limit on places of worship. But churches must continue to comply with the one person per 4 square metres rule. This continues to place major limitations on us restarting Sunday services. This Sunday we will be again providing an Online Service on our website and via DVD.

It is wonderful to hear that lots of you are taking the opportunity to connect with others on Sundays in your homes, and can I encourage you to keep doing that for the time being. Gatherings in homes with up to 20 visitors (in addition to the usual occupants of the premises) are permitted. As private residences are not places of worship, there is no 4sqm rule applicable to gatherings in homes and there is no requirement to prepare a COVID-19 Safety Plan. But it is recommended that when inviting visitors to your home for bible study or church that people practice 1.5m social distancing and good hygiene at all times.

This Sunday we will resume our Zoom morning tea at 10am. 
Church@5 will be meeting live, partially at church with social distancing and also on Zoom.

The Zoom meeting details are: ID 777-000-0712. Or to phone in call 02 8015 6011 then you'll be asked to enter the Meeting ID followed by # and then # again.

Men's Event - August 8
All the men of St Aidan's are invited to join together to watch the BASECAMP livestream event this year. This will be a 4-hour recharge for men, featuring excellent Bible talks from great speakers including Prof John Lennox, and the opportunity to learn practical wisdom for living well as a Christian man. This is a great opportunity to join together with brothers around God's word. We'll start with coffee at 8.30am and finish with lunch.
When: Saturday 8 August, 08.30am-12.30pm AEST
Where: At St Aidan's Church
Price: It will cost $45 for a ticket
Register Online:

If you're keen to join the group meeting at the church we will need to know numbers, please contact Rowland or Chris to let us know you're coming, and also if you'll stay for lunch. If you need help registering please let us know.
Rowland Alcorn: e. m. 0458 704 118
Chris Scott: e. m. 0437 693 317

Church Directory Update

Over the last months we've realised just how powerful it is to be in touch with one another. For this reason, Dawn Woodland is updating our church directory, and she will be in touch with you to check your contact details and ask permission to have those details shared with our church family. 
Also, keep praying for your church family with the July Prayer Diary.
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