Second Anniversary Sale!

25% off alll prints on my website and in my gallery, through May 1, 2021!


Two years ago, I opened my gallery at Hillside, Sedona. Despite varied experience from two previous careers I had no experience in sales or marketing and self-promotion is not my favorite thing. So it has been a learning experience…

Two years have passed as I have worked my gallery 6 days a week, 60 hours a week, and it has been an amazing two years as I have met countless people from most of the 50 states and a couple dozen countries. I made it through a global pandemic that shut down Sedona for a couple months during the height of the tourist season last year, and I made it through a daily commute dodging elk on the highway and navigating through snowstorms and unpredictable traffic. I gradually learned my market and I have met and exceeded my sales goals so far this year.

So now it is time to celebrate! May 2 is my second anniversary so from now until then, I will be offering all my prints on any medium—metal, acrylic, canvas or paper—at a one time discounted rate of 25% off! See the discount code in this email. You can use it at checkout on my website and it will automatically reduce the price.

I could not have gotten to this point in my career goal without your—my customers and friends—help! I do not want to undervalue my work, but this is a special occasion that calls for giving back to the people who have made the gallery successful so far. So I am only advertising this sale to my customer email list, and in person at my gallery. If you can’t stop by in person drop me a note and say ‘hi’. It’s been an amazing journey and I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally. I wish you all great light and happiness in 2021! -Stan
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