New - Canvas Prints!

After seeing how well a print I did on canvas for a client came out looking, I’ve decided to make canvas prints an additional option for many of my prints.

I just printed this 24” X 30” canvas print of Red Rock Crossing here in Sedona, which I call “Patriotic Crossing”. This was from the morning after our big snowstorm January 26th. Eight inches fell here in Sedona; I had 35 inches in Flagstaff! Nothing is prettier than red rocks and fresh snow.

Canvas prints have some texture, but for the right subject, like this scene that has existing texture in the leaves and rocks, it can work really well!
The advantages of canvas over either metal or acrylic are: 1) It is less expensive. 2) It still lasts 100 years+ if properly cared for. 3) Colors are just as vivid, and 4) The ready-to-hang prints are super light and easy to hang!

For more info on how I captured this peaceful scene at Oak Creek, check out my latest blog here: Snow in Sedona!

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