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Black Employers
Unemployment Rate (Dec. 2020)

The lack of Black employers is highlighted in “To expand the economy, invest in Black businesses” published by Brookings. The co-author’s empirical research is a foundation for building an ecosystem of leaders to support Black entrepreneurship. If growth is broader than providing capital, what do we need to support the Black entrepreneurial ecosystem?

You got “hiring folx” money?

Accelerators run cohorts of founders to connect them with capital and mentorship. It is more than funding. However, not understanding the terms to an investment from an accelerator can set your market valuation too early. Funding can come with flexible terms such as a SAFE which sets rates for a future investment without setting a price per share. Read “Understanding SAFEs and Priced Equity Rounds” for more information.

1863 Ventures 3R's National Accelerator & Grant Program

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator 2021

The New York Fashion Tech Lab

Community building can connect you with the right people and information. Building relationships with entrepreneurial minds that have different expertise and experiences from you can save your business time and money.

Get Ready for the VR/AR Global Summit

How Clubhouse Is Creating Unprecedented Opportunities and Access

Join LunchClub To Connect with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Register for CodeLaunch

Grants allow organizations to support causes they care about. Use grants to help fund projects that push your mission forward.

Apply for the Galaxy Grant

Apply for the Amber Grant For Women

New $10,000 EIDL Grants: Do You Qualify?

Tech Innovation helps your small team work like an army. Implementing new tools and software to your work-life will give you that extra free time you have been dreaming of. Stay up to date on the changes to tech that can literally change your life.

Slack vs Discord: Which one is better?

Leverage LinkedIn with Neil Patel

Wish you could organize your Google Docs? Try Notion for free.

Mural and AirTable are my favorite tools for project management.

Venture Capital is funding for high-growth solutions. These products may take time to get off the ground but the investment is expected to pay off in the long-run. EBITDA is used to analyze the profitability of your company and is considered healthy below 10. In January 2020, the average EBITDA was 14.20. Read “Is Venture Capital Worth The Risk” for more on the success rate of venture capital.

Register for “Beyond Silicon Valley: Seed Accelerators”

Apple Invest $10M in Harlem Capital VC Firm

Is The First Black-Owned Tech Unicorn Finally Within Reach?

Tell me about it…

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Entrepreneurs sharing their experiences is vital to the growth of Black entrepreneurship. Trust is the core of social capital. When we share our downfalls, we help every one get up. Maybe, you are willing to trust but you have trusted the wrong people. In some cases, social anxiety limits our ability to be vulnerable enough to build relationships grounded in trust. It is never too late to change. The Harvard Business Review gives 7 rules to help entrepreneurs “Rethink Trust.”

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