2023 Junior Board of Directors


Cast your vote for the 2023 MBYC Junior Board!
  • One ballot per Junior Sailor.
  • Only MBYC Junior Sailors (18 and under) who have participated in the MBYC Junior Sailing Program are eligible to vote.
  • Voting ends at 8pm Dec 2nd.
PLEASE also take a moment to carefully consider a nomination for the
Team MBYC SAILOR'S CHOICE AWARD: an honor for a fellow sailor chosen by YOU! You must include WHY. Name only will not count.
Candidates were asked to answer two questions:
  • What makes a great Team MBYC sailor, on and off the water?
  • Tell us why you think you'd be good for the particular position for which you are applying.
Junior Commodore

Ben Conroy
- "A great Team MBYC sailor is more than just someone who places well at regattas they embody the Corinthian spirit and show good sportsmanship. I think that the best team MBYC sailors are the ones that treat their competitors with respect no matter what place they get. Another important part of being a great Team MBYC sailor is the determination to work hard and get better especially when it is not an easy thing to do, but at the same time be able to have fun whilst practicing and getting better. Having fun is something that sets the team MBYC sailors apart from other clubs and this makes us as a team truly special."

"I think that I would be a good fit for the position of Jr. Commodore for a few reasons, the first of which is that I have been a part of the MBYC junior program for 8 years, so I know what makes a great leader in this community. The second reason is that I am currently very active in the program sailing a multitude of boats, focusing on lasers and high school, but I have also recently competed in the Snipe Junior World Championship and I plan to attend more high-level regattas this year which will have me traveling to the east coast and hopefully to ILCA 6 youth worlds in Poland. Another reason is that I work very hard and never do something with less than 100% commitment because I believe this is the only way to do a good job at whatever I am doing, which would most certainly assist me in being the Jr. Commodore. In fact, I have a document with plans to change the way the junior board functions by putting more responsibility on the juniors and making it so that the Jr. Board can become a bigger part of MBYC. Finally I truly love the mission bay junior program and have a true passion for the sport of sailing and I hope that I can spread my passion for both of those to more people through the junior board."

Allie Shand - "A great Team MBYC member is someone who includes other team members and juniors from other clubs. Team MBYC sailors should spread kindness and practice good sportsmanship. We should try our hardest to help members of our team and other teams whenever possible. As a member of Team MBYC, we should help out the younger sailors and make them feel like part of the team no matter their skill level. We can help each other when we go to regattas outside our club, and work on representing Team MBYC well with our Corinthian spirit on the water. Great Team MBYC sailors have a positive mindset in sailing and continually work to encourage each other to do their best. I hope to encourage other sailors to try new boats and new forms of sailing. I also plan to work on including more people in the sport."

"I think I can be a good candidate as a Junior Commodore because of my experiences in sailing. I have been lucky to be able to work with many different boats in different types of racing, and I want to help bring other team MBYC juniors to learn as well. My goal is to help sailing be considered something that anyone can learn, and I would fight my hardest to push that as a Member of the Mission Bay Yacht Club Junior Board. I was sailing at a Clagett Sailing event this fall, and all the racers taught me that sailing is a sport anyone can partake in. Being able to include people of all genders and weight ranges as sailors is something I would work my best to promote. Through multiple accounts of people bringing me down because of my gender or weight in sailing, I used to let it affect me and that made me sad. I want to make a difference in the sailing world to make it more equal and encourage anyone to become a great sailor. I hope I can provide the next generation of sailors with the opportunity to experience sailing in more classes, whether that be in Fleet Racing, offshore racing, match racing, and/or team racing."
Junior Vice Commodore

Sarah Ozaki - "Corinthian spirit and good sportsmanship are what make a great Team MBYC sailor. Being enthusiastically supportive of your fellow teammates is a trait all of us share. We have respect for our competitors. We have fun on and off the water. Above all honesty, integrity, and determination are the hallmarks of an MBYC sailor."

Over the 5 years I have served on the Junior Board I have developed a great understanding of how the Junior Board is run and how to execute events and activities for the Junior Program. Growing up through the program I have been inspired by junior sailors in the past and I hope to leave a lasting impact on the younger sailors and the Junior Program. Over the 5 years I have served on the Junior Board I have developed a great understanding of how the Junior Board is run and how to execute events and activities for the Junior Program."
Junior Secretary

Indigo Craig - "Helpful, able to go with the flow and kind. These traits are important to have when sailing because they help keep a fun and safe race course. They are important to have off the water to insure everyone feels safe and comfortable off the water."

"I think I would be good for the role of secretary because I feel comfortable talking to all the needed people to be a good secretary. I also feel confident turning in minutes because I have had to complete them for school. Another reason I feel I am a good fit for this role is I feel I can work well with others."
Junior Social Chair

Braden Ozarski - "I am known for my sportsmanship, kindness and being funny."

"I have had experience with arranging events and can have fun. I am known for my sportsmanship, kindness and being funny."
High School/CFJ Fleet Captain

Kaden Miller - "What makes a great MBYC sailor on and off the water is being a team player like when you on the water if any of your team mates needs help say with his rudder you should help them. If you see your teammate needs help taking down his mast if you are able you should help them. I also appreciate the sportsmanship that we already have at MBYC compared to other yacht clubs."

"I think it is important to be a good person on and off the water. I think I would be a good for CFJ fleet caption because I think that with all my years in sailing and my experience I can help our board because I have ideas that can make MBYC a better place. I really enjoy being in the boat and teaching other newer sailors. I'm easy to get along with and really enjoy helping people learn how to sail. I've gained so much from MBYC and would love the chance to give back to the yacht club."

Patrick Henderson - "A great team MBYC sailor can be described in just a few words: helpful, selfless, and encouraging. Whether on the water or on land, a sailor should always practice these traits. When rigging, attending a pre-race chalk talk, or even just hanging out with friends on race day, how a sailor acts on land is very important. They should always be looking for anybody that needs assistance with their boat in their own fleet, or from anybody even sailing another boat. For example, if somebody is sailing a Laser, they should seek out anybody from either the Laser fleet or even younger sailors in Sabots that may need help. When at a sailing venue, MBYC sailors represent our club, and need to put their best foot forward and make a good impression on other sailors regatta organizers, and club members. When on the water, a sailor should always uphold the rules and a good corinthian spirit. Sailing can be competitive, but it is always a super fun sport that everyone should enjoy. Sailors should always help out other sailors with any questions, tuning, or strategy talk for sailing. When in a race, sailors should be courteous of others and be kind. For example if you are the starboard boat in a starboard-port situation, make sure that both you and the port boat know whether you intend to let them cross or make them duck without being rude. In conclusion, a good sailor will be helpful, selfless and encouraging no matter where they are. They will help others when they need help, and always be encouraging to other sailors."

"I think I would be a great fit for the Scholastic/CFJ Fleet Captain position because I have been sailing in the CFJ fleet for many years. Because of this experience, I have profound knowledge of ho the boat and its regattas work, and I can help newer members of the fleet get a head start over other sailors with tips and tricks of the boat. Also, I am the current CFJ Fleet Captain on the Junior Board this year. I also was the Laser Fleet Captain the year before, which means I have two years of experience on the board. With my experience, I will be able to competently fill this role, and make sure that the MBYC CFJ Fleet thrives and grows."
Doublehanded/C420 Fleet Captain

Liam Kaseburg - "A great Team MBYC sailor is someone who is not only caring for the club, its members, teammates, and equipment, but is someone who is willing to actively improve those around them. This can come in all forms, whether that be teaching a younger sailor or pushing and practicing with your teammates."

"I think I should be MBYC’s Doublehanded/C420 Fleet Captain because I have been participating in the junior board for two years and I am currently traveling to doublehanded regattas with the Mission Bay Team. I have lots of experience with leadership positions through school and the club so I am qualified for this position. Something I think I could do to give back to this club is to contriubte more ideas to the junior board about clinics, service projects, and any fun ideas that bring the team closer."
Laser Fleet Captain

Efe Derman - "Some of the things that make a great team MBYC sailor on and off the water include helping teammates and fellow competitors, congratulating others on their good days, being respectful of others around you, when borrowing tools and equipment making sure you return them in good condition and in the correct location, when using the shed leaving your work area better than how you found it, volunteering to help clean up around the club, and overall just making sure that everyone and everything around you gets treated with respect and kindness."

"I think I would be a good candidate for this position due to my experience in the board, my active status in multiple fleets, actively participating in board meetings, and other team activities."
Sabot Fleet Captain

Sean Kaseburg - "A great MBYC team sailor always has a great attitude. No matter what, he/she always lifts up teammates and never brings them down. He/She is always attentive and respectful to the coaches and helps in every way possible. A great team MBYC sailor always represent MBYC in a Corinthian way on and off the water."

"I have been in A fleet for six months and I am a very dedicated sabot sailor. I want as many kids as possible to join me in A and B fleet. I always want my friends to move up to higher and higher fleets. I have had two years on the Junior board and one of those I was c-fleet captain. I have experience on the junior board and I would be the right fit for A and B fleet captain because I participate in all practices and regattas, and I will be a reliable team leader. I am never scared to speak up and advocate for sabot sailors. I want to bring more advanced practices to help everyone to improve their skills and do better in regattas."
Junior Angling Captain

Lyon Craig - "I’m a good team member and leader and I’m a good angler and I can teach other how to fish as well."
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