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An invitation to teachers, parents and kids

It's time to get busy woodworking at home

During this break from normal classes, I want to invite you join me in continuing learning through crafting wood. The way this will work is that I will supply instruction for making tools for use at home, and projects that will keep kids busy crafting and learning from the experience. For the families of the Clear Spring School, some tools and supplies for various projects will be offered for pick up at school. If you are a teacher at another school or a parent or grandparent wanting to share in this experience, you'll find things here to share with your own kids.

I know that you and your friends and family have a number of ways to keep your children creatively engaged. I hope to add just a bit more through this weekly email.

Participation in this will require some effort on your part and mine. And it will require some communication between you and the wood studio at the Clear Spring School.

From teachers, I would like feed back and suggestions. For the families of Clear Spring School, the plan is as follows: We will prepare tools and projects for your kids to complete at home. The tools will probably include sanding blocks, squares, wooden mallets and more. Some tools will require your child to sand and assemble in order to be useful in making other things. 

I will offer instructions on making tools and using tools, and answer any questions you may have about their use.  I will let you know what kits will be available for you to pick up at the Clear Spring School.

If you are a parent at the Clear Spring School, it will help me to know in advance whether you are interested, so that I'll know how many tools and kits to prepare.

Among the things I'm doing to prepare, I'm making squares which are among the most useful of woodworking tools and useful at all ages.  These are like the ones we use regularly at the Clear Spring School, but in this case, I'm making these for the students to keep and to practice with. They teach an important concept that's useful in math, science, art, building and architecture.The square is essential for successful, quality work, as cuts that are "square" meaning 90 degrees are easier to use to build quality work that is useful and that lasts.

These wooden squares have an advantage in that if they are dropped, they'll not cause the damage that a steel square can cause if dropped. They're great toe savers and are built to last. And we can make them ourselves. In a subsequent email, I'll explain more about how the squares are made and used and why the square is such an important tool and how it can be used during this time away from school.

In the meantime, and if you want to help me in providing work for your kids, I want to know how you are equipped. Do you have a hammer in the house? You may need one. Please respond and let me know.

very best,

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