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November 2020
Wonderful Almost-Winter Greetings, Fiddlers & Friends! 🎻

I don't know about you, but the drop in temperatures, as winter tiptoes in, inspires me. While winter is traditionally and energetically a season of looking inward, contemplation, slowing down – and of course hot chocolate – this particular winter will be richer, deeper and more positively transformative than ever.
We are uniquely blessed to be musicians. 

As musicians and music students we can effortlessly immerse our selves and our souls into our gifts of music. We receive calm through our focus... inspiration to create & improve... healing, joy, fellowship... steadfastness in our relationship with our instrument. We experience comfort. As the world continues to change, our music is our ever-present sanctuary. It inspires us in mind, heart and body.
Musicians around the globe have found new and gratifying paths as the limits of the pandemic open doors for new composing and recording projects, for personal practice, for re-energizing and contemplative time, for finally having the time to learn bucket lists of tunes and pieces, and for listening to other musicians via online platforms, Zoom groups and live streamed concerts.

We are  looking forward to a very musical and very special winter at Full Circle Music! Welcome to Winter!


Thanks to Deb Miller for sending us the image of the cozy winter fiddler!
Make Music, No Matter What
As we head toward winter, with both the weather and the pandemic threatening to scramble our plans, there will be one dependable constant: your violin lesson. At Full Circle, you always have three options for your lesson:
  1. Single Studio: Meet with Cayt – distanced and with filtered ventilation – in Studio 402. We've added a new twist to this option: Studio 401 can now be a waiting room, if you want your own "individually distanced" lesson. The glass doors and curtains between the two studios will be closed until your lesson ends, so the next student can warm up and/or enjoy a selzer or adult beverage in 401, while you finish working with Cayt. Don't forget to open the curtains and say hello to the next student before you leave – we're all still part of the same close Full Circle community!
  2. Dual Studio: Use our ingenious "French Connection," shown below.  We secure a clear plastic curtain between our two studios to create separate rooms, each with its own filtered ventilation. This lets us get close without masks or distancing, while keeping our breathing zones separate.
  3. Zoom: Enjoy your lesson over Zoom, from the comfort of your home.
With all these options, you'll have no worries about snow days or public health alerts – just let Cayt know first thing in the morning, on your lesson day, whenever you want to change your usual way of taking your lesson.
Your Best Lesson Guide from Cayt

As an adult, how do you get the most out of a violin/fiddle (VF) lesson – the most bang for your buck, the pointers and skills that move you forward in your VF goals, and very importantly, ease and efficiency of learning? 

For the majority of adult learners, that would begin with a Paradigm Shift, Beginner's Mind, and Be Here Now.
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore 

And That is For Sure .... 

For years and decades, the accomplished adult has used mind-centered go-to modes of achieving success & goals, for problem-solving in career and life in general. Shockingly, these approaches fall short when learning VF! 

Learning VF is not linear, predictable, or finite. It is multi-faceted, requires all the senses, the mind, being in-the-moment, and a conscious connection to the body. 

Here is a short list of lesson hacks to get you in the groove...

  1. Listen & Hear Slowly. Hear everything clearly, which would be your own playing, the words of the instructor and the instructor’s demonstrations. 
  2. Shut off any voices and words in your head - especially those which sneak in to advise you independently of your instructor’s guidance. 
  3. Keep your focus on the item at hand, and don’t jump ahead in thought, or physically. Stay rooted. 
  4. Ask for clarification, repeats of anything. Be sure you really know what the instructor means. 
  5. Expect & allow constant imperfection in learning mode. 
  6. Observe keenly, carefully and deeply
  7. As you take your lesson experience home, maintain the integrity of your “assignment,” by NOT changing, improving, leveling up, or modifying any detail (unless planned for in lesson). In other words, stick to the plan vigilantly. 
  8. Enjoy the lesson process! with curiosity, fascination, happy challenges, exciting breakthroughs, fun & amazing insights. 
Here's to Musical Fellowship!
Cayt performing and enjoying musical fellowship with Jordan, Jim, and friend at The Stone Church in Newmarket, NH, Fall 2018. Looking forward to doing this again in 2021...
Inspiring Quote
Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. -- Marie Curie
If She Can Do It, You Can Too
Get your Kleenex ready, for this inspiring violinist whose love of music helped her overcome incredible difficulties. The human spirit is quite something.
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