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August 10, 2020
Hello Friends & Fiddlers🎻
This week we are wrapping up our Summer UpLevel and Traditional Music Sessions.  Our studios became a Music Sanctuary where laughter, storytelling (thank you Bob & Alan, pictured here), and the joy of playing music together with friends (and Pico!) have uplifted and inspired us. Did you know that when we smile and laugh from the heart we cannot feel anxiety? Those endorphins are the best happiness makers – and healing balm – ever. 

Our weekly immersion into a realm where angels dance and sing is both our gift and our offering, as we continue on into the fall and beyond. We continue to adapt and be creative as  time goes by.

We are now exploring a "Micro-Group" option (3-4 total players including Cayt) as an option for those who would like a super-spacious area in which to play together, which is 400 SF in Studio 402. Let me know if that appeals to you – I am matching folks up with their interests & skill levels. (Can be combined with a current private lesson or in a separate arrangement, coaching fee TBA). You don't need to be a Full Circle student to join in :)

Cayt & Pico
New Sept - Oct Class Schedule 

Our summer classes have had SUCH great momentum that we're heading right into early fall with more of everything! As always, all group classes are set up to maintain a 6+ foot safety and comfort spacing between students. PLUS, this week we're adding a powerful HEPA air cleaner to Studio 402, for an extra measure of safety. Masks at the discretion of each student.

Absolute Beginners
6 Weeks
Monday September 14 - Monday October 19
6:00-7:30 Studio 402
Spaces available: 4
Class Fee: $115 All materials included
Studio Violin Loan: $20

7 Weeks
Tuesday September 8 - Tuesday October 20
6:00-7:30, Studio 402
Spaces Available: 2-4
Class Fee: $125 All materials included

Slow CelticTraditional Music Session
7 Weeks
Wednesday September 9 -Wednesday October 21
6:00 -7:30, Studio 402
Spaces Available: 6
Class Fee: $140 includes materials as needed and professional guitar accompaniment.

Naked Notes – Ooh La La!

How do​ you ​begin to learn a new tune? If you are using sheet music the NakedNotes approach is a sure-fire method. Saves significant time and frustration. Let's say this is your original music:

So in your mind, take all of the clothes & doo-dads off of the notes.
No stems, flags, bars, dots, bowing, miscellaneous symbols, etc.
What is left is just noteheads. Then think of them as ALL quarter-notes OR half-notes. Here is what it looks like on paper:

Bonus:​ If you write the whole thing out, the writing process itself can also be a big help in learning your new tune/piece!

Now choose a tempo at which you can play each note ​in tune, and comfortably, with good bow sound, w​ithout the wild dogs chasing you! Go straight through to the end.​ SLOW IS ALWAYS A PERFECT WAY TO START. The secret is to maintain strict​ ​timing, with each note exactly the same duration.​ (Even if it is easier to go faster sometimes.)

If you have trouble changing from note to note, you can change up to the Note-Rest a​pproach, as shown here:

The note-rest pattern is maintained straight through.

Same strictness of tempo.​ Bonus:​ Saying the word “rest” aloud builds musicianship skills. 

Increase the speed over time to attain fluency and confidence. Then it’s just a matter of carefully adding back in the note values and all the doo-dads and clothes.

Tune: If You're Happy & You Know It
This well-known children's tune came out of the late 1950s. It's a great one to know if you're ever entertaining kids – and it's pretty much impossible not to grin while you play it. Especially if you make up your own new words.

Here's a link to the sheet music.
And a link to the YouTube video you can play along with. Why not try...
• playing in unison with the video
• Improvising a second part / harmony
• Ditching the video, and playing it faster, or slower. How does that change the feel, the emotion of the piece?

Remember, if you'd like to play straight through several times, you can make any YouTube video loop, by right-clicking on the video and selecting "Loop" from the dropdown menu that appears.
Cartoon Corner
This month's giggle comes from a shirt in the Signals catalog. If you come across any other fun music cartoons – or a tune you've written or arranged, a photo of your home violin practice space, a poem, or anything else to share with the Full Circle community, email it to us for possible inclusion in a future newsletter.
Inspiring Quote
“I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin.” – Albert Einstein
Video: How Do They DO That?
After you watch these incredibly talented women play their instruments, playing your violin right side up will seem a whole lot easier.
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