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July 20, 2020

Hello Friends & Fiddlers🎻

Happy Midsummer to All! The Full Circle Studios are fully alive and happy with the sound of Fiddles, as we delight in our Uplevel and O'Carolan sessions every week. If you would like to join in, stay tuned for continuing opportunities! More summer & fall class start dates will be available soon.

I'm pondering ahead to some engaging, uplifting, and fun offerings: a Cafe or Soiree (with one guest per player) in November; one or two Immersion Camps in January/February; and a monthly "masterclass" style afternoon for students (4-6 max) wanting to try out their piece/tune, with individual instruction and group support. Students benefit from both observing and playing in this arrangement.

With great creativity and team spirit, we have at Full Circle achieved a very natural and easygoing style of lessons, groups, and more amidst the ever-present global situation. We are respectful, we have excellent protocols in place and make timely improvements. In addition to Studios 401 & 402, our beautiful Studio 406 will also be back in the swing of studio life beginning in January!

We are truly free to be in the Zone of creating our Music and steeping ourselves in The Music. Thanks to each musical soul who has wished us well, helped us out, and come in to play and share music together. 

Cayt & Pico

P.S. Please be sure to remember your lesson check this week or next; August is just around the corner ! Thank You 🎶"
Summer Class Photos + Fun

Our summer classes are laid-back and lively, as you can see in these photos of our O'Carolan class (top) and our Up-Level class (bottom). 

Explore & Experience – String Crossings
Looking for a way to make your string crossings smoother? The Big Secret is to sneak up on the new string gradually instead of leaping from one string to another. The graphic below shows how you can practice this:
Using a full bow, start on the G string. Gradually tip your bow down toward the D string, so that your open G turns into a G-D double stop, about halfway down the bow. Repeat several times, then do the same thing starting on the D string, and finally on the A string. I promise: if you practice this over and over you will definitely improve your string crossings!
Play-Along Tune: Red River Valley
Some people think the song  "Red River Valley" originated in Canada, in the 1800s, and that it refers to Manitoba's Red River Valley (shown here, in 1822). Texans take issue, saying it started in their own Red River Valley. Who cares? It's a lovely tune that almost anyone can play, on just the D and A strings.

Here's a link to the sheet music.
And a link to the YouTube video you can play along with. Why not try...
• playing in unison with the video
• Improvising a second part / harmony
• Ditching the video, and playing it faster, or slower. How does that change the feel, the emotion of the piece?

Remember, if you'd like to play straight through several times, you can make any YouTube video loop, by right-clicking on the video and selecting "Loop" from the dropdown menu that appears.
Cartoon Corner
Thanks to Paula for submitting this month's cartoon, and to Susan for sharing last month's. If you come across any other fun music cartoons – or a tune you've written or arranged, a photo of your home violin practice space, a poem, or anything else to share with the Full Circle community, email it to us for possible inclusion in a future newsletter.
Inspiring Quote
“There is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.” – Edward Elgar
Video: Imitating Instruments
Belgian violinist Sebastian Kulwanowski, who brought us animal and city sounds in our last newsletter,  illustrates how the violin can sound like so many different instruments, from a flute to bagpipes and more.
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